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Poor Flaherty

Bahama O's Fan

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He finally gets an opportunity and can't get over the injuries.

*shrug* he's had opportunities though. He played a lot last year after Machado got hurt. He'll be fine -- the Orioles are going to have to call Navarro back up though, or something like that.

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Flaherty said right groin grabbed on him. Said there was not pain, just grabbing sensation. Said doesn't feel bad enough for DL.</p>— Steve Melewski (@masnSteve) <a href="

">May 12, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Just like last time. He may only need a week to heal up again but we can't play shorthanded for 6-7 games. Right now the 2nd base position isn't killing us. Navarro is capable of playing good defense and putting up a 600+ OPS. Plus Pearce and Paredes can get some AB's there.

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Groin still bothering him. Pulled up on a GB.Will be on the DL I'm sure.

I'm afraid re-injuring it like this it might be a lengthy DL stay. Poor Flash. Poor Orioles.

Thank God Dan still has options. Puppet master.

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    • Jorge Mateo is one of the fastest runners in baseball, and Cedric Mullins and Ryan McKenna are also pretty fast. I remember Al Bumbry as being super fast. Luis Aparicio, Brady Anderson, and Brian Roberts were also fast, but probably not Mateo fast. If you lined up all the fastest Orioles since 1954 for a 100 meter sprint, who would win or finish in the top five?
    • He did exceed my innings expectation, by quite a lot, especially if you count his AAA stint. I was wildly optimistic in my projection (2.75 ERA) but he hit that during the second half so I'll give myself credit for being half right (and more importantly, give Grayson credit for hitting my expectation at least during that window). 
    • I think you’re right.  There’s a good chance none of them are protected.   I liked what I saw of Brandon Young.  Being that he’s RH I think the odds are low that someone would take him as a bullpen piece.  If the Orioles really like him and have plenty of 40 man space, maybe they protect him?
    • It has truly been a most fantastical season.  Every minute of it...yes even the dropped ball by McKenna.  Looking forward to seeing playoff baseball.  And as the Orioles wrap up a 162 game season, let's remember to not be too hard on all those knuckleheads that don't believe in this team. Not many here expected what we have seen.  But man, has this been fun.
    • I haven't visited any professional locker rooms, but that one seems like they're going to need remediation after that. Low, drop ceilings, foam tiles and fluorescent lights... I guess you don't want the visitors to be too comfortable but geez. Maybe the Rays are helping with an insurance claim the Sox were waiting to submit. 
    • Yes, Cade's dad is on another message board that I'm on and he says that he's starting tonight in the deciding game!
    • Yeah, I was extremely disappointed with how his season started even back to ST. It was brutal to watch. But couldn't be happier with his performance since coming back. To get his ERA down to 4.35 was crazy. I want to see progression in getting deeper into games next year. 
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