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Poor Flaherty

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He finally gets an opportunity and can't get over the injuries.

*shrug* he's had opportunities though. He played a lot last year after Machado got hurt. He'll be fine -- the Orioles are going to have to call Navarro back up though, or something like that.

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Flaherty said right groin grabbed on him. Said there was not pain, just grabbing sensation. Said doesn't feel bad enough for DL.</p>— Steve Melewski (@masnSteve) <a href="

">May 12, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Just like last time. He may only need a week to heal up again but we can't play shorthanded for 6-7 games. Right now the 2nd base position isn't killing us. Navarro is capable of playing good defense and putting up a 600+ OPS. Plus Pearce and Paredes can get some AB's there.

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Groin still bothering him. Pulled up on a GB.Will be on the DL I'm sure.

I'm afraid re-injuring it like this it might be a lengthy DL stay. Poor Flash. Poor Orioles.

Thank God Dan still has options. Puppet master.

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    • Back when we signed Odor, my eyes rolled, probably a medically unsafe distance back into my skull. It took awhile, but he grew on me. Gritty, red-assing, bluster and pimping beyond his skill set, but he grudgingly grew on me. When he was flailing at the plate, and we started to show signs of life, I gnashed teeth, clutched pearls, and silently questioned Hyde's manhood. Recently, I realized Odor is not going to be here beyond this year, and decided to simply appreciate his contributions towards, lets face it, what was looking to be another very shit*y, tank-worthy team. I believe I'll eventually look upon him fondly, in what has been an amazing season, no matter how it turns out. So, a hat tip to you, Mr. Rougned Odor, for your contribution, and also, for snapping Joey Bats head back like a human pez dispenser. That was awesome.  
    • I've been very pleasantly surprised by Mountcastle's speed, and more recently, AR, even Vavra, and blown away by Gunnar..... So, yes, I am also surprised and a bit perplexed by Stowers foot speed (or perceived lack there of). Weirdly, it looks like Stowers is tentative, or something mental more than physical ability to move quickly. But just my impression, nothing to back it up.
    • He is also slower than he looks like he should be which is kind of the opposite of what I normally feel about guys that come up.  Mountcastle, Adley, and Gunnar all struck me as faster than I expected, e.g.
    • Agreed, just from a purely logistics perspective it wouldn't surprise me if both he and Gillaspie are optioned after tonight's game, and someone like Sulser and Vespi are brought up. 
    • He also really looked bad missing that tag at second tonight.   Sometimes it seems his head is not in the game. 
    • I don't see that changing either.  I think he is what he is at the plate.  He could still bring a lot of value in a reserve role. 
    • He can only come back up to replace an injured player. But he would qualify for post season play...
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