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What to do with Chris Tillman?


What should we do with Chris Tillman?  

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  1. 1. What should we do with Chris Tillman?

    • Do nothing: he should figure it out for himself
    • Leave in in the rotation but give him extra coaching
    • Put him in the pen and give him extra coaching -- it worked for Ubaldo, it should work for Tilly
    • Complete medical exam and DL him if anything at all is wrong
    • Trade him for a prospect or hitter
    • Designate him for assignment and release him
    • Other -- please explain in comments

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Pen or DL. But the team won't do that for at least another month, if at all. He seems to have completely lost the plot this year.

For all the talk about "pitching depth" in the preseason, there will be a dearth of starting pitchers in the organization next year. If Tillman can't figure out, it's hard to be optimistic about the starting pitching with Chen and Norris gone, and Harvey and Bundy both unlikely to throw another pitch in 2015.

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Typical OH response. "This guy sucks and he has no value! Let's trade him!!" Like no one else would notice what a bad year he's having so far.

Thorough medical exam and if he has a hangnail on his glove hand, DL him. I'm not sure what the deal is with him this year but I think he's built up enough equity to get the benefit of the doubt to not have the organization trade him or demote him. Hey, everyone has a bad season, this could be his.

He can't keep making starts though. Give them to Gausman.

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