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Top 50 MLB FA Predictions (MLB Trade Rumors)


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Has the Orioles getting:

Kazmir at 4yrs 52mil

Jaso at 2yrs 12mil

Morneau at 1yr 8mil

And losing:

Chris Davis 6yrs 144mil to the Cards

W.Chen 5yrs 80mil to the Tigers

Wieters 4yrs 64mil to the Nats

Parra 3yrs 27mil to the Nats

O'day 3yrs 22.5mil to the BoSox

Pearce 2yrs 14mil to the Rangers


What do you think about the additions and the contract sizes of our own free agents?

Who would you want to retain and acquire at these prices with our much talked about $40-50mil budget?

I'm down for Davis, Kazmir, Pearce, Jaso, and a buy low starter and lets call it an offseason.

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The Kazmir part sounds reasonable ....I don't understand why they would spend 13 million to get half a platoon split (70) games from Jaso and very possibly 30 games from Morneu.

I understand adding Jaso as a supplement part.

Morneu had played 30 games in 2 of the past 3 seasons and is a terrible choice because of that.

Also the O's have 40 or so to spend and these predictions only have them at 27?

**** this team is a pretty steep down grade from what we had last season. We should be prepared for a season on the basement.****

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Kubatko also reports that there’s been little in the way of traction between the Orioles and Darren O’Day in talks of a new contract. Baltimore has exclusive negotiation rights with O’Day through Friday, after which he, like all other free agents, will be free to sign with any club. Kubatko was told that “all is quiet” right now after talks have failed to progress much, and he speculates that O’Day could possibly receive four-year offers in free agency.


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Heyward. He'll get more years than Davis, but he'll be good longer.

Ok if the mlb trade rumors is hypothetically correct, would you rather shell out $200 million for Heyward, or the $144 for Davis? 10 yrs for Heyward vs 6 yrs for Davis is a factor but so is the overall amount.

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24 million per for Davis is a lot IMO. I'd much rather give that kind of money to more of a sure thing.

IF that's all Davis gets (and I think he'll get significantly more than that), forget Jaso and Morneau. I'd sign Davis, Kazmir, then maybe a cheap lefty in the pen.

In other news, I'd be shocked if Pearce gets that contract. Seems like an awful lot for a guy who came crashing back down to Earth last year.

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This is what you give up if you sign any of the 20 QO FAs

1 13

Whitley, Garrett Niskayuna HS (NY) OF R/R HS

Watch Now

6'0" 199lbs DOB: 03/13/97

1 14

Allard, Kolby San Clemente HS (CA) LHP L/L HS

Watch Now

6'1" 175lbs DOB: 08/13/97

1 15

Clark, Trent Richland HS (TX) OF L/L HS

Watch Now

6'0" 205lbs DOB: 11/01/96

1 16

Kaprielian, James UCLA (CA) RHP R/R JR

Watch Now

6'4" 200lbs DOB: 03/02/94

1 17

Aiken, Brady IMG Academy (FL) LHP L/L HS

Watch Now

6'4" 205lbs DOB: 08/16/96

1 18

Bickford, Phil College of Southern Nevada (NV) RHP R/R J2

Watch Now

6'5" 205lbs DOB: 07/10/95

1 13

Turner, Trea North Carolina State (NC) SS R/R JR

6'1" 170lbs DOB: 06/30/93 | Scouting video

North Carolina State produced just three first-round ...

1 14

Beede, Tyler Vanderbilt (TN) RHP R/R JR

6'3" 215lbs DOB: 05/23/93 | Scouting video

Beede figures to become just the 18th player selecte ...

1 15

Newcomb, Sean University of Hartford (CT) LHP L/L JR

6'5" 240lbs DOB: 06/12/93 | Scouting video

Jeff Bagwell is the only Hartford player ever drafte ...

1 16

Toussaint, Touki Coral Springs Christian Academy (FL) RHP R/R HS

6'3" 185lbs DOB: 06/20/96 | Scouting video

Toussaint, who spent most of the first six years of ...

1 17

Finnegan, Brandon TCU (TX) LHP L/L JR

5'11" 185lbs DOB: 04/14/93 | Scouting video

Finnegan was the best winless pitcher in college bas ...

Maybe even something like this if the four teams in front of the Ossign FAs.

1 9

Hoffman, Jeff East Carolina (NC) RHP R/R JR

6'4" 185lbs DOB: 01/08/93 | Scouting video

Hoffman went undrafted as a senior at an upstate New ...

1 10

Conforto, Michael Oregon State (OR) OF L/R JR

6'1" 215lbs DOB: 03/01/93 | Scouting video

Conforto has athletic bloodlines, as his father Mike ...

1 11

Pentecost, Max Kennesaw State (GA) C R/R JR

6'1" 190lbs DOB: 03/10/93 | Scouting video

Though Pentecost required surgery to repair a stress ...

1 12

Medeiros, Kodi Waiakea HS (HI) LHP L/L HS

6'2" 180lbs DOB: 05/25/96 | Scouting video

Hawaii hasn't produced a high school pick in the first.

Or terifyingly, This.

11 Russell, Addison Pace HS (FL) SS R/R 6'00" 215 1994-01-23 HS

Comments: A shortstop in high school, perhaps a third baseman at the next level, it doesn't matter. It will be Russell's bat that gets him drafted.The Florida prep infielder has very good bat speed and doesn't get cheated at the plate, with above-average power to his pull side. He's an average runner who is better underway. He does have some good defensive skills, with plus arm strength and good hands.He's gotten a little thicker recently and there was some question about his range to begin with, so a move to third makes sense. He will also need to stay back more at the plate and not get fooled by offspeed stuff, things that should come with time and experience. He should profile very well as an every-day third baseman when all is said and done.

Enhanced Scouting Report

12 Cecchini, Gavin Barbe HS (LA) SS R/R 6'02" 180 1993-12-22 HS

Comments: Bloodlines are always a good thing, so the fact that Cecchini's brother, Garin, was a 2010 draftee and now in the Red Sox organization doesn't hurt. The younger Cecchini, however, is more than making a name for himself.Cecchini has a quick stroke with good extension, enabling him to make consistent hard contact. He's got mostly gap power now and his speed plus instincts allow him to be a basestealing threat and take the extra base. Those instincts also help him defensively.While his hands are good and he grades out as average with his arm and range, some think a move to second might be better. Either way, this scrappy middle infielder is sure to get plenty of looks in the spring.

Enhanced Scouting Report

13 Hawkins, Courtney Carroll HS (TX) OF R/R 6'03" 220 1993-11-12 HS

Comments: The Texas high school product was shooting up draft boards as the 2012 spring season began, thanks to a very successful summer. While he pitches and will touch 90 mph, his future is in the outfield. He has some swing-and-miss to his game, but he does have power. He has shown the ability to hit any fastball and can show pop to all fields, though he needs to improve his approach at the plate, where his over-aggressiveness leads to those misses. An average to a tick-above-average runner, he'll play center field for his high school team, but with his size, strength, power profile and at-least-average arm, the University of Texas commit profiles best as a corner outfielder in the future.

Enhanced Scouting Report

14 Travieso, Nick Archbishop McCarthy HS (FL) RHP R/R 6'02" 215 1994-01-31 HS

Comments: The Florida high schooler was on the move up Draft boards as the spring progressed, thanks to some serious arm strength and the potential for a solid three-pitch mix. Travieso can touch the mid 90s with his fastball, sitting comfortably in the 92-93 mph range, with very good movement in a downward plane. His buries his slider well down in the zone, with good late break to it. His changeup is deceptive at times, though he needs to improve his ability to keep it down in the strike zone. Like with many young pitchers, he'll need to refine his command at the next level, but he shows pretty solid presence and instincts on the mound while repeating a clean delivery fairly consistently. The fastball-slider duo alone would be enough for him to excel as a reliever, but he has the chance to develop into more than that down the line.

Enhanced Scouting Report

15 Naquin, Tyler Texas A&M OF L/R 6'01" 180 1991-04-24 JR

Comments: Naquin brings a lot of qualities to the table, but some of it doesn't add up, making some wonder if he's a bit of a "tweener."Coming from a top-notch program, Naquin has a great approach to the game and plays it the right way. He has a smooth swing from the left side and can spray line drives all over the field. He will occasionally show some leverage and loft, but hasn't really shown much power to date. He's a solid-average runner with excellent baserunning instincts which allow him to take the extra base and steal some bases. He might have the best outfield arm in the Draft class, a true plus. He shows pretty good range from the outfield.Here's where it gets confusing. Naquin has the arm for right field, but not the power bat typically associated with the position. He has some skills for center field, but hasn't played there much and might not have the range. Still, his ability to hit, run well, throw and play the game with plus baseball IQ should have plenty of suitors.

Enhanced Scouting Report

16 Giolito, Lucas Harvard-Westlake HS (CA) RHP R/R 6'06" 230 1994-07-14 HS

Comments: Until a sprained ulnar collateral ligament sidelined him for his senior season, it appeared Giolito had a legitimate shot at becoming the first high school right-hander in Draft history to go No. 1 overall.Getting comps to Roy Halladay, in terms of his size, Giolito has been projected to have three above-average to plus offerings at his disposal at the next level. While his fastball sits comfortably in the 93-mph range, he was able to reach back and crank it up to 96 mph when needed. It's a heavy fastball that has some very good late movement, and his downhill plane makes it even tougher. Giolito throws a power curve with a sharp break as it reaches the plate. He also has an excellent changeup that dips like a split-fingered pitch. He's got above-average command of all three, keeping his pitches down in the strike zone to go along with above-average mound presence and competitiveness.The SoCal right-hander wasn't viewed as having any real weaknesses, and, unlike many prep pitchers, it was thought he could move fairly quickly through a system. How his elbow injury impacts his Draft status, though, remains to be seen.

Enhanced Scouting Report

17 Davis, D.J. Stone County HS (MS) OF L/L 6'01" 180 1993-06-27 HS

Comments: Players who make a charge up draft boards are said to have "helium." Davis was floating up about as quickly as anyone in the class. Scouts have always known about Davis's speed. It's a plus -- he might be the fastest player in the Draft class -- and he knows how to use it, showing base-stealing acumen as well as very good range in center field. What's made him a more complete prospect is how far he's come with the bat. He's showing the ability to use a better approach and hit the gaps, developing from a guy who can run to a guy who can hit and run. He doesn't have a great arm, but it's playable in center and the rest of his defensive tools are outstanding. More than anything, Davis plays with high energy and seems to understand his game, profiling as a dynamic leadoff hitter type at the next level.

Enhanced Scouting Report

18 Seager, Corey Northwest Cabarrus HS (NC) SS L/R 6'04" 205 1994-04-27 HS

Comments: His brother, Kyle, reached the Major Leagues in Seattle in 2011. This Seager has the chance to be just as good, if not better.Corey Seager has some serious bat speed and shows the ability to make consistent hard contact. He'll often use more of a two-strike approach, which minimizes strikeouts, but he did start showing the ability to drive the ball more over the course of the summer. He's not a runner and the lack of speed may necessitate a move to third at the next level. He does have excellent instincts defensively, with plenty of arm for whatever infield position he ends up at.With plus instincts and excellent pure hitting skills, not to mention those bloodlines, Seager will be followed closely this spring. He could move up charts if he continues to show the ability to be more aggressive and drive the ball more consistently.

Enhanced Scouting Report

19 Wacha, Michael Texas A&M RHP R/R 6'06" 195 1991-07-01 JR

Comments: Wacha jumped on the prospect map very early into his Aggies career and while he's still the top college arm in Texas, he's not quite as high profile now as people thought he might be after the start of his college career.Wacha reminds some of Jon Garland because of his size. He has a live, quick arm that can produce a fastball up to 94 mph, sitting comfortably in the 92-93 mph range. There might be more there, pointing to a future plus fastball. He can spin a curve, though some think he'd be better off throwing a slider at the next level. He doesn't throw a changeup much, but it could be an average offering. He can throw his pitches for strikes and goes right after hitters.Even if he's not the elite college arm some thought he would be, he still has the chance to be a big, durable big league starter. And those don't grow on trees.

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