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vs. PIRATES, 9/26


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8 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Great baserunning by Frank on this play and the previous one.

I was sitting with my Dad in the right field bleachers...Roberto Clemente hit a homer about 5 feet away from us and his throw from the right field corner on a Buford double was on a line and was the most amazing throw I have ever seen in person...He was a force of nature..



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1 hour ago, mrbig1 said:

I still haven't forgot 1971 or 1979.

I was at Game 1 in 79...rainy, ugly, cold night game...but Os scored 5 in the first including Decinces hitting a 2 run homer....but I still cannot listen to this song even today without becoming nauseous....lol



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    • I'm still waiting to see what they do with him in the outfield. If he can be the backup CF that might make it easier for Kjerstad to beat out Cowser for first crack at an OF job.
    • No, they can’t fit them both in all likelihood, unless they do the smart thing and make some trades, which they should have done already.
    • A lot good they did 😛 Off topic that was the excuse used when the team wasn't hitting the last 2 weeks of the regular season. It wasnt true considered it continued in the playoffs..    Hopefully the Mateo PAs is under. With Felix gone and Bradish and Means missing time they are going to win as many of those games where they only score 1 or 2 runs that seemed to go through a lot last year
    • The problem is you only get 13 spots. Right now it's hard to see how you could fit both Kjerstad and Cowser on the roster without an injury or trade. As it is, for either of them to make the roster, Mateo has to be the defensive OF guy (which is OK, since Hays and it seems Cowser could also be adequate defensive subs, as well as Westburg). Adley McCann Mountcastle O'Hearn Gunnar Urias Westburg Mateo = 8 spots  Mullins Hays Santander = 3 spots That leaves two spots. Holliday or Maton/Wong gets one.  I just don't see a way to fit both Kjerstad and Cowser without an injury or move. Still, one of Kjerstad/Cowser can play the Hicks 3-4x per week role with the other being the next man up. There will be struggles and there will be injuries and both will get to play that role at times, maybe more. If Kjerstad and Cowser have success in their opportunities, they may well push Hays to the 5th OF spot, or O'Hearn to AAA, but I don't think we make those moves prematurely. I think both get 300+ AB's this year but they don't have to make the opening day roster for that to happen. Will be interesting to compare the end of year AB's for Cowser, Kjerstad, O'Hearn, and Mountcastle.   
    • If Buck O’Neil were there yesterday, he’d tell Roch about how he heard a sound that he’d never heard before. And it was Babe Ruth hitting that ball. And then he didn’t hear it again until a few years later, and it was Josh Gibson hitting that ball. Then he didn’t hear it again until it was Bo Jackson hitting that ball. And then he didn’t hear it again until it was Kyle Stowers hitting that ball. 
    • Updated through leap year game. - Mateo keeps getting SS starts but no outfield time. - Basallo takes BP - Yennier Cano has been put on a milk carton - McKenna hitless while battling for a spot - Holliday has first good game at the plate - Burnes struggles - Kimbrel, Coulombe and Webb all scored upon. (Bullpen not looking strong in early going)  
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