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June 14th vs Pirates


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Why no PR for Millar? I know it's a little bit early but he is hobbled and even slower than usual.

I thought the very same thing. Came back to bite us there on Ramon's single. I'm hopeful they can get him in still, but you never know.

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Ouch, sorry to hear that.

I'm getting mine taken out July 3rd.

My surgeon told me that a gall bladder attack is the closest a man comes to feeling the pain of a woman giving birth.

I feel sorry for child bearing woman!

Well my mom has had me and multiple gall bladder attacks. :eektf: Maybe I helped prepare her for the agony. Unfortunately, I hate to tell you this, but she has already had her gall bladder removed. Some people who have their gall bladders removed have some remaining stones in the biliary ducts that can act up later, which is what they're pretty sure is going on with her. Now, the stone has disappeared kind of like BRob's kidney stone so they hope it made it to the intestines and will now go away, but she has an MRI tomorrow to see if they can find any stones. At times like this, it is pretty stressful living in a different state than your parents. :( Anyway, best of luck with your surgery and I hope they get all the stones with the stupid gall bladder!

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Blue-Sorry to hear about your mom. Hopefully they don't find anything bad and she gets better very soon. I hated being away from my family when I was in college so I can sympathize with not being able to be there for them. :(

Let's get more runs guys!! :)

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