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A pivotal player in O's history that rarely gets mentioned

Moose Milligan

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2 hours ago, tntoriole said:

He played well for us during that time frame.   Then we got Don Buford in trading Luis back to the White Sox and this turned out extremely well for us. 

I was going to say, that was a great trade for us.   Not that Aparicio wasn’t good, but adding Buford and allowing Belanger to take over at SS was a big net upgrade. 

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Back in the day, it seemed about the best there (ever) was:


"Various teammates over the years said they were awestruck by the ground balls that Aparicio reached with sprawling dives, great flexibility, and tremendous instinct. The ball shot off the bat, a fielder shrugged at the realization that the opponents had a hit, and then all of a sudden Aparicio would glove the ball and throw the man out at first. ... Aparicio and (Nellie) Fox gave the team extraordinary fielding strength up the middle and manager Al Lopez, himself a Hall-of-Famer-to-be, raved about the duo. Lopez touted the Aparicio-Fox entry as the greatest keystone combo of all time. 'I have been around a few spectacular second-shortstop machines,' Lopez said, 'but never have I seen any better than Foxand Aparicio.'" - Author Lew H. Freedman in Latino Baseball Legends: An Encyclopedia (Greenwood Publishing, 08/11/2010, Page 75)


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