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Buck Britton


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1 hour ago, NelsonCruuuuuz said:

I love him. I strongly believe he is a great manager and will be a great one at the major league level at some point. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Spring Training, such a class act. Does anyone think he can replace Hyde? Just curious. 

IF... Hyde gets replaced, which I don't know will happen or not, it will probably be when we have a much better team and playoff contention chance. I doubt then they would hand the reigns to another ML rookie.

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I don't know if they'd hand it to a ML rookie manager or not.  Britton wouldn't be just any ML rookie manager, he'd have managed quite a few of these guys on their way up so he's not a complete stranger.  AR, G-Rod, Hall, etc, would have familiarity.  There might be something to that, especially if they're trying to instill some 2020s version of the Oriole Way.

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