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Adam Loewen is 1 for 1


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    • "Settling" is a very good way to describe this particular move at this particular time. Nothing about it implies that 2023 is remotely a priority. It's completely and utterly lateral, and it severely limits the extent to which the rotation can be improved overall heading into 2023. I really cannot see us adding 3 SPs this offseason, so even the rather modest idea of adding two solid but unspectacular mid-rotation starters is already out the window. That's pretty wild to me. Like, I didn't think we were going to sign Verlander then trade for Burnes or anything crazy like that, but I did think signing a mid-rotation SP like Taijuan Walker, Chris Bassitt, or Noah Syndergaard and then trading for another mid-rotation SP like Pablo Lopez or Chris Flexen was pretty realistic, but unless we are going to add 3 SPs, even that modest bit of improvement to the rotation was apparently too much to ask for. I appreciate you going out on a limb to play devil's advocate for me and the rest of the "BOO, HISS" crowd. The knee-jerk "just wait and see what happens, crybaby" retort to valid complaints/concerns about this move miss the point, or at least the one I am trying to make anyway. The main issue I take with the move is that it reveals that significantly improving our biggest area of concern for next year, the starting rotation, is not a particularly high priority. Kremer and Bradish both deserve spots after their 2022 seasons but have some red flags that indicate some regression may be in store next year, and GrayRod is going to be pitching at the MLB level for the very first time so some growing pains are quite possible, if not probable. They should all still start the season in the rotation though, and almost certainly will if healthy, so that only leaves 2 spots to potentially fill with reliable, quality guys to anchor and upgrade the staff, and now one of those 2 spots is filled with a very uninspiring back of the rotation Lyles-type instead of someone who can reasonably counted on to produce at a meaningfully higher level than 2022 Lyles next year. Maybe Elias surprises me and adds 3 starters this offseason, including 2 that can actually be considered upgrades over both Lyles and our in-house options in addition to the newly-signed Gibson, and Kremer and Bradish have to compete for a single rotation spot in spring training, but that seems extremely unlikely to me.  I don't believe so, which is pretty weird. 
    • Lots of good points on why this is not a terrible move. I’d be OK if he lived up to his 3-year average.    But sadly he’s 35, and career aging trends are not on his side. He also finished the season in horrendous form - about a 10 ERA, with an OPS against over 1.000 in Sep/Oct. Hopefully they didn’t pay him much. 
    • Saw some twitter stuff about 1yr 5 million but nothing from any major outlet yet. 
    • Seriously? He’s had a 1.00 WHIP 2 straight years and 5 + WAR in each (10.5 total). I bet he’s more likely to be worth his contract more than DeGrom.
    • Has Gibson contract come out yet? Usually comes out soon after the announcement. 
    • He wants us to get a bunch of meh additions so he can be right. 
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