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5/10 Yankees at O's


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This doesn't even register as a blip compared to the MDM. One run lead going bye-bye in the 7th doesnt equate a 5 run in the bottom of the 9th.

True. It seems the Orioles always need at least a 3 run buffer to get through the 7th, 8th, and 9th against the Yankees and Red Sox with the lead.

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Uehara has shown a tendencey to lose it QUICKLY in the 6th or 7th inning, so I have no problem with a quick hook for him. Hindsight is 20/20, of course, it looks bad now, but I was actually happy to see him yanked. Look at what he gave upbefore being removed inhis last couple starts.

I hear you but I felt like he looked good enough in the sixth to deserve a chance to go out for the seventh against the bottom part of the order. Maybe I don't have as much confidence in the pen as some others, I don't know, but I would've let him start the inning at least in light of the way he looked in the 6th.

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I am seeing too many negative nancys in this thread. We still got two full frames to play.

Indeed. And my apologies for being one.

We did a ton better when this was a quasi beer thread. Whats everyone sipping on now?

I'm enjoying a St Bernardus ABT 12.

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    • Unless my math is off, that’s an .860 OPS for Cowser and .835 for Westburg. I’d take that any day. I think it’s doable too.    Cowser for ROY!
    • I’m thinking more about about their average performance over the next 5-6 years while under team control.
    • I certainly didn't expect: Putting up a 7-spot on Ragans Shutting them out on a Cole Irvin start Nice to knock them down a peg. 
    • The O’s took the opening series of the year against the Angels 2 games to 1.  Since then, the Angels have gone 8-11, for a 9-13 overall record.  Looks like the pitching matchups will be:  Suarez (0-0, 0.00 ERA) v. Detmers (3-0, 1.19 ERA) Rodriguez (3-0, 2.63 ERA) v. Canning (0-3, 8.02 ERA) Kremer (0-2, 4.91 ERA) Anderson (2-2, 1.42 ERA) In the earlier series, the O’s knocked Canning around for 5 runs in 5 innings, while Detmer held the O’s to 1 run in 5 innings.  We didn’t see Anderson in that series; he’s made one past start, in 2023, allowing 3 runs in 5 innings.  Rodriguez bested Canning by holding the Angels to 1 run in 6 frames.   The Angels didn’t see Suárez or Kremer.  Kremer does have 3 lifetime starts against the Angels, and is 2-0 with a 1.76 ERA against them in 15.1 IP. The O’s come into this series scoring 5.85 runs per game, 2nd in MLB, while the Angels score 4.15, 17th.  Mike Trout is doing Mike Trout things (157 OPS+), supported by Taylor Ward (141), Miguel Sano (136) and Logan O’Hoppe (135), but the other starters have been dismal.   And surprise - Anthony Rendon has just gone on the IL.    The O’s will be facing the Angels’ best two starters so far in Detmers and Anderson, but the Halos’ bullpen has been a soft spot, sporting a 4.81 ERA.  The O’s pen has been shaky, but several notches above the Angels at 4.19.    Overall, this is a winnable series but our hitters will need to be on their game against the Angels’ two best starters.        
    • Same thing Gunnar did the winter before he took off.  How to flatten your swing on upper zone fastballs.  He’s uppercutting everything which is fine on the low and offspeed stuff but he’s consistently getting beat on high heat.  Another thing I mentioned in the off season is how he doesn’t stride towards the pitcher.  He opens up early which leaves him vulnerable to the outside corner.  I acquiesced to those who said it wasn’t a problem because he’s always gotten results.  Until now.
    • What about Detmers and Jose Soriano from Angels? Move Soriano to bullpen. Detmers has 3 more years control after this year.
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