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Good God, the Whining Is Intolerable

peter snees

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I received the following email from The Sun's Jeff Zrebiec about the Hawkins/Baker trade...

Yes, we wrote a little bit about it in the paper about 3 weeks ago. I

assume you are unhappy that they didn't pull the trigger on that one?

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Guys, use google and view the cache of the web pages to get the text.

Negotiations between the Orioles and Colorado Rockies over a deal involving reliever LaTroy Hawkins have slowed, according to industry sources.

The Orioles have asked for power-hitting first base prospect Ryan Shealy, but the Rockies would prefer to trade outfielder-third baseman Jeff Baker. The Orioles have only minimal interest in Baker.

Source = The Sun, July 14
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    • Yes. That’s less than 25 million a season on average. Even though the years are a bit long. That’s the going rate for these type of superstar players.  Maybe you can go more AAV in exchange for say a 12 year deal? But at age 22, even at 14 years he’s here until he’s what 37/38? In 10 years 25 mill per won’t be the valued at nearly the same dollar amount in terms of “paying an older possibly declining player”. That contract length also ensures that he is an Oriole for life basically. If Rubenstien’s goal is to restore the franchise’s glory instead of simply making it a competitive franchise. You cannot minimize the value of having these type of franchise cornerstone players/homegrown superstars. We basically haven’t had one (and retained) since Ripken. (Yes I know Machado was one but we let him walk and basically the same with Mussina.)
    • I was looking at the O’s stat page and noticing how high all the OPS+ numbers are.  For example, Cedric Mullins has a .736 OPS but that’s good for a 116 OPS+ right now.  So, I looked around.  Right now, the MLB average OPS is .698.  That’s down from .734 last year, and (for those thinking of a “cold weather” explanation) from .726 last April.    The O’s, on the other hand, have a .780 OPS, compared to .742 last year.  That’s 3rd in MLB and good for an MLB-leading 130 OPS+, compared to 107 last year.    I’m not sure if the hot hitting will continue, but the team has had one heck of a start offensively, in a year where the league has been pretty cold.    
    • I didn’t see Angel Hernandez listed in any of the box scores from yesterday so he may have been the replay official. That would actually be hilarious. 
    • @Tony-OH   It’s early but is Forret possibly a better prospect than DeLeon?  A year younger.  Sounds like velo is similar.  Better control?
    • I wouldn’t hesitate to give him the Witt deal. I would like to get 3 FA years.  That’s my best case scenario and after that, the opt outs start.
    • At this point Gunnar is the most valuable asset in baseball right? I guess you could argue Witt Jr or De La Cruz. I sure as heck wouldn’t trade him for anybody.
    • @Tony-OHhave you had a chance to see or hear anything about Cam Weston yet? Is there real upside or is this an older guy who's maybe more advanced than his league?
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