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All-Star Rosters

Spy Fox

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C: Napoli, Mauer, Wieters

1b: Fielder, Konerko

2b: Cano, Kinsler

3b: Beltre, MCabrera

Ss: Jeter, Andrus, ACabrera

Of: Bautusta, Hamilton, Granderson, Jones, Trout, Trumbo

Dh: Oritz, Butler, Dunn

Sp: Harrison, Hernandez, Price, Sabathia, Sale, Verlander, Weaver, Wilson

Rp: Cook, Johnson, Nathan, Perez, Rodney

Final 5: Broxton, Darvish Frieri, Hammel, Peavy


C: Posey, Molina, Ruiz

1b: Votto, LaHair

2b: Uggla, Altuve

3b: Sandoval, Wright

Ss: Furcal, Desmond

Of: Beltran, MCabrera, Kemp, Braun, Bruce, Gonzalez, McCutchen, Stanton

Sp: Cain, Dickey, Gonzalez, Hamels, Kershaw, Lynn, Miley, Strasburg

Rp: Chapman, Hanrahan, Kimbrel, Papelbon, Street

Final 5: Bourn, Freese, Harper, Hill, Jones

Thoughts? I was planning on making a thread yesterday where we would write out our own all-star choices, but the electricity was out. Alas.

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