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Jones just called out the FANS


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Sorry but Adam is right to be angry.

The fans have B&Med for 15 years and now they are not showing up when they are in a legit pennant race.

I am not saying the stadium should be sold out every night but I don't think 25-30K fans is asking for too much.

The Orioles have run off the majority of their fans over the past 15 years. To think everyone is going to come back right away is pie-in-the-sky. Ask Oakland or Pittsburgh how attendance is this year.

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People who post here and call in to XM MLB, aren't the average fan. The average fan pays attention to ESPN and is constantly being told by the "experts" to pay no attention to the men behind the Orange Curtain, they are a mirage. Why should the go after all that and 15 years of PA too. The last thing MLB wants is a BAL/PIT WS.

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