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Josh Stinson in Baltimore Will start Wed game.


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not even serviceable.

A little harsh, IMHO, Roy. Although, I'm not exactly sure what the exact definition of serviceable is. I imagine his start today doesn't qualify as such but we aren't out of it. Obviously the long ball killed him. Only one walk (which of course scored) for a guy who in his career has some control issues and pitched into the sixth and was under 100 pitches when he came out.

Freddy Garcia just might get the call when this spot comes up again, I think it will be in Seattle.

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It's all about the expectations. You can be bad, just so long as we always knew you'd be bad.

Well, he looked better than I thought he would look and he performed slightly less than I had hoped for (6 innings and 4 runs). I wouldn't be upset if they gave him another chance over Arrieta.

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