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Josh Stinson in Baltimore Will start Wed game.


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It's an emergency start. No more. No less. Someone else will get that slot next time around UNLESS he's lights out with chances of that minimal.

True. This reminds me of Chris Waters coming up for an emergency spot start a few years ago (and pitching a great game). Although if I remember correctly that was much later in the season. And it was during dark times when there was no such thing as hope for Oriole fans.

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Really sad, with all the talk of our pitching depth we have to give a start to a guy wth a career >1.5 WHIP at AAA

And we signed zero veteran depth because???

This is how long losing streaks get started. Dickey, Stinson, and a 10 game west coast road trip.

It didn't start with Dickey, so you'll have to wait at least until tomorrow.

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They want to see if he is worthy of a 40-man spot. Everything I have read is blah, so let's see what they see.

Who would you rather pitch-Jake or this guy? Let's see what the kid has...

Everything you have read is "Blah"? What did you hope to see? We have a scouting report here, we have some discussion about the guy going...Im interested to know what you thought, or hoped, may be here.

"lets see what the kid has"

Interesting idea. I think we'll do that. In fact, Im fairly certain we can talk about his start on a message board AND watch him. I wont be able to confirm until tomorrow evening.

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Freddy Garcia had his second consecutive good outing for the AAA-Tides.


If Stinson pitches poorly tomorrow, Garcia might get his chance when the spot comes up again. He's getting close to his opt out date. Also may depend on how Jake looks in his next start at Norfolk, but they may want to give Jake a little more time to work on things regardless. We'll see.

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    • There’s always an agenda with you.  I’m not arguing that the bullpen is as good without Bautista as with him.  I was paying a compliment to the rest of the bullpen for stepping up in his absence over the remainder of the regular season.  And clearly, they did.   Some people were worried that there would be a catastrophic drop-off and a huge domino effect, but it didn’t happen.  Here are some individuals who stepped up IMO: D.L. Hall — threw to a 2.70 ERA in 16.1 IP after Bautista went down.   Cionel Perez — 2.61 ERA in 10.1 IP Cole Irvin — 0 ER in 7.2 innings of relief.  I never did understand why he got optioned, which took away one of our few long relief options.   Tyler Wells - 0 ER in 5 innings over the last 9 days of the season after being activated.   I’ll be very glad to have him in our bullpen in the playoffs.   Now, am I confident in how our bullpen will do in the playoffs?   I’d put myself somewhere in the middle.  I’m not nearly as confident as I’d be if Bautista was closing out games, but I think our bullpen is competent and that the 5 days off will do them a world of good.  Cano in particular will benefit, and the addition of Wells and one of the other starters will help too.  So, we’ll see how it goes.    
    • You know those vinyl records you have on the wall for decoration? Well....
    • The Os sold parking passes - I have one for Saturday’s game but had such good success with the Light Rail last Saturday that I probably won’t use it. They sold them as F/G/H passes. *Not* looking forward to a cold rainy game if it’s starting at 1, but you take what you get!
    • There is no 1:05 game on Saturday on Fox. Fox has the ALDS. They have college football on at 12 on both Fox and FS1. Playoffs are on after that. I assumed the 1:00 start too…until I saw that. The TV contract doesn’t care about the parking issue in Baltimore because of a concert. Astros vs Min or Tor isn’t exactly a ratings boom either.  I hope the Os are the 4:00 game that day though.
    • Hey Dad?  What’s a record player?
    • I would be shocked if we don't have the 1:05 game on Saturday. As far as Sunday goes, Fox 1 already has the times listed but not the matchups.  Looks like either 4:05 or 8:05 game time.  I would expect it to be 4:05 because the Rangers if they win wouldn't go against the Cowboys game that night.  If Tampa wins, I don't see the O's - Tampa matchup being the primetime game. 
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