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Astros Fire Bo Porter and Dave Trembley


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Dave was the bench coach and ordinarily he would have been the one to fill in as manager on an interim basis.

I wouldn't be surprised if Porter disagreed and didn't get along with the analytics approach

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They kept the worst parts of that band. The front office is awful.

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Evidently they lost the clubhouse.

You can't keep a manager after they lose the clubhouse.

Has anyone ever kept a manger after they lost the clubhouse?

Really? I thought they clubhouse was lost when Appel did his workout. Not for any other reason.

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Really? I thought they clubhouse was lost when Appel did his workout. Not for any other reason.

From May of 2013.

This isn’t the first time that Porter has publicly placed blame on a player. I understand that he was speaking out of frustration and in the heat of the moment — but a manager’s job is to take the high road in these types of situations. He can call out a player in private. Don’t do it in the media.


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I don't like Appel. At all. I don't think he will have a Brad Brach career. There. I don't like someone.

He have a bad game in NY while you were in attendance?

2. Mark Appel, rhp, Astros

Mark Appel (Photo by Larry Goren).Team: Double-A Corpus Christi (Texas)

Age: 23

Why He’s Here: 1-0, 0.00, 8 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 10 SO

The Scoop: Mark Appel, Double-A pitcher, has been much better than Mark Appel, victim of Lancaster’s jet stream. It’s not just the results, which have been much, much better, but it’s the consistency of his stuff. His arm speed, velocity and slider have all carried over much more consistently in August than they did in May or June.

Where Appel’s fastball would often drop from the mid-90s to the low 90s pretty quickly in his midseason starts, he’s hitting 96 mph a lot now. He’s keeping his fastball down in the zone, and in his dominant start this week, his changeup was as good as it’s been all year. As the season wraps up, Appel is starting to show the stuff that was expected from the No. 1 pick in the 2013 draft. Now he just has to show he can maintain this kind of stuff for lengthier stretches.

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    • I'd love to see the P&L for the Orioles.  We all know Angelos is a liar regarding what the Os can afford and not afford in terms of long-term contracts.  But this thread got me thinking...~2MM people at an avg ticket price of $34 (link to avg ticket price:  https://www.statista.com/statistics/203453/baltimore-orioles-average-ticket-price/) basically pays the entire big league roster by itself.  Sponsorships/Concessions/Concerts etc likely pay the front office staff and other facility/minor league expenses.  So basically Angelos is pocketing close to $100MM annually ($60MM national TV share + $40MM MASN TV share).  Heck, let's say I underestimated the "other expenses" outside of the MLB payroll by $50MM....he's still pocketing $50MM/year.... 
    • He was in like 6th grade. Well on his way!!!!!!!!
    • So I think Povich is on turn today.   Is he getting the ball for the deciding game of the International League championship series?   If so, that’s a huge test for him. He pitched against Durham one other time and had a great outing, allowing one run on one hit in 6 IP.  He’d be going on “only” four days’ rest, so if he’s pitching, it will be interesting to see what he’s got in the tank.  
    • Certainly on of the best "demotion to AAA" success stories I can remember.
    • Not disappointed at all.  It was a rough road for him to start but he's been tremendous since coming back from the minors.  A strong finish (over an extended period of time, too) makes up for how rocky the season started for him. I agree with Froberto Duran.  I will have very high expectations for him next year.
    • Good thread bump.  Even though Rodriguez’s ERA was higher than I expected, because of the way it happened, I am not disappointed.   I wasn’t expecting him to have such serious hiccups early, but his performance after he returned from AAA vastly exceeded my expectations for him. And, he threw more innings (163.1) than I expected, counting his AAA work.  Postseason innings to come. If we do a “Grayson Rodriguez Expectations 2024” thread, my expectations will be pretty damned high.    
    • While I will take it on faith that Gunnar Henderson was extaordinarily talented in his age 11 season, I do not think the Orioles can claim the credit for developing him in 2012. 😎
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