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The Return of the Crow?


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Coolbaugh is Chris Davis personal hitting coach. Crowley is Mancini's.

From Roch:

Crowley has been instrumental in the development of first baseman Trey Mancini, the organization's minor league Player of the Year. Crowley has worked with Mancini at Single-A Frederick and Double-A Bowie.
Crowley speaks of Mancini in glowing terms, calling him "about as blue chip as you get for as much as he's played."

Mancini, an eighth-round pick in 2013 out of Notre Dame, batted .314/.341/.527 with 14 doubles, three triples, eight home runs and 32 RBIs in 52 games at Frederick and .359/.395/.586 with 29 doubles, three triples, 13 home runs and 57 RBIs in 84 games at Bowie.

"He's a tremendous fastball hitter," Crowley said during a recent interview. "This kid doesn't have to cheat and get it started to hit a fastball. He'll be standing at the plate and if you throw him 96, he'll turn it around, and if that same pitch is a curveball in the dirt, he won't move a muscle. That's the difference between him and some others."

Crowley compared Mancini to slugger Dave Kingman after spending time with the young first baseman at Frederick in 2014. The pronounced uppercut that could launch baseballs into the stands or create majestic pop ups. It wasn't a swing that would speed Mancini through the system.

They were reunited in Frederick earlier this year, with Mancini unable to find a spot on Bowie's crowded roster. He was tearing up the Carolina League, and it was only a matter of time before the Orioles moved him up a level.

Mancini hadn't forgotten the advice he received from Crowley.

"I said, 'Trey, your swing is really coming around,'" Crowley recalled. "He was there another week, went to Double-A and really took off.

"This is a good-looking hitter and I don't say that very often. I've learned to take a wait-and-see attitude because hitting is so tough."

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"That first pitch you see might be the only one you can hit in that at bat."

I have no issues with being aggressive.

It is however a pretty big red flag when someone is putting up the numbers he did this year in the minors but still isn't getting any walks. You have to think some of these pitchers were trying to pitch around him.

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