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Wei-Yin Chen to the Marlins (5 yrs - $80M)

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">marlins are closing in on an agreement with wei-yin chen</p>— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) <a href="
">January 12, 2016</a></blockquote>

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Bring on Gavin Floyd! Oh, and a draft pick....

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So do the Orioles get a second rounder from the Marlins instead of a first rounder? If so' date=' the Orioles bad luck continues.[/quote']

No. They get a pick between the first and second round. Would have been the same if KC signed him.

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Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria are beautiful cities. Ottowa is a great little city. Calgary, Red Dear, Saskatchewan and Regina not so much.

I'm a fan of Calgary. One of the few places you can ride luge on the Olympic track for like $20. Also, a couple hour drive from some of the best scenery in the world in Banff and Jasper.

I also like the NWT and the Yukon. Not too many places you can drive 12 hours through mind blowingly beautiful scenery and pass approximately zero houses.

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    • Short answer is, I don’t think anyone here watches enough of Mayo to really know.  Maybe @Tony-OHand a couple of others do.  I think while opinions vary on whether he’s average or bad, nobody seems to dispute that he’s not as good as Westburg or Urias.    When it comes to defense, I pretty much need to see for myself.   I haven’t been impressed the few times I’ve seen him (which is maybe five times, scattered over three years).  I don’t consider that an adequate sample on such to judge, but it’s adequate to have some concerns.     
    • Man I'd love it if he could become a dude for us out of the pen. We need at least one AAA guy to step up and be an option. Krook looks pretty good so far as well. 
    • I’m very sorry. Such a tragedy. I hope you both find peace.
    • 9 K and 0 BB in 4.1 IP at AAA, he did give up the homer but has still maintained a great GB% of 57%. Only 2 fly balls total. The long time between outings is very interesting. I think it could be any combination of a few reasons: 1) He’s nursing some minor injury and they don’t want to push it, or has had some past injuries and they just want to be extra careful with workload.  2) He’s still working on new mechanical adjustments / pitch adjustments and they have him throwing side sessions between appearances.  3) They don’t need him at the MLB level right now and want to make sure he stays fresh, so he’s not worn down by the end of this season.  I’m surely overreacting to small sample size, but the Statcast data along with his effectiveness in his four AAA appearances has me fully anticipating that Strowd will be part of the bullpen down the stretch this year (and hopefully, into the playoffs).  Especially with Wells’ elbow injury looking really iffy, I think Strowd is the only other guy in the organization with the potential to be a dominant late inning RP in 2024 who isn’t already on the MLB roster. I think McDermott and perhaps Johnson could too in 2025+ but they’re not going to put them in bullpen role until the very end of the year. 
    • Buzzkiller!   Rdrs (which feeds rWAR) has him at +4, tied for the AL lead.   The Frobby eye test says he’s improved every year, yesterday’s miscue notwithstanding.  I’ll worry about his GG case at the end of the year when 162 games have been played.    
    • Gotta admit it got a conversation going on here - not that it takes much! I call for adjournment!
    • I was a Plus member for a long time. I am going through a Divorce. Maybe that explains things.
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