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Giolito For O'Day or Brach


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Seems like the Nats can't get Miller for Giolito. If this is the case, I think the Orioles should offer O'Day first and see if they bite. If not, I wouldn't mind giving up Brach.

The plan would be for Giolito to be in the bullpen to learn. So, yes we may lose some strength in the bullpen but we would gain a potentially huge SP at a relatively low price for years to come that you can't ever get.

We can always sign good RPs but we will probably never sign an ace so I think this keeps us contending this year but improves our chances of contending for several more years

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He's arguably the #1 prospect in baseball. You don't get him for Brach.

I never said you would. My point is, the Orioles may need to add BP arms, not subtract. Especially if they don't land a SP. People really overhype the Orioles BP. Other than Brach, O'Day, and Britton, it's not that great. Atleast to support the starting rotation.

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