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Roberts to the Dodgertown?

Elon Os Fan

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From MLB Trade Rumors:

2:36pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post has the Dodgers in the lead for Manny. The Red Sox would eat most or all of the $7MM remaining on Ramirez's deal, and then receive a player like Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier. Such a deal would enable the Sox to enter the Mark Teixeira bidding.

Sherman also talked to one NL exec who believes the Dodgers might instead acquire Brian Roberts, pushing Jeff Kent into a utility role and leaving the shortstop problem unresolved.

Either/Kemp, McDonald and Laroche.

Sherrill for Donald.

Call it a day?

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Youkilis has played in LF before, so this is a ver likely possiblity.

Youkilis in LF sounds laughable. I guess I can't mock it cause I never seen it done, but just looking at Youkilis makes me think he can't play LF.

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