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7/7 - O's @ M's... Can we solve Bedard?

The Rick

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We need to see a split-screen camera shot of Reimold running the bases and Gutierrez fielding the ball.

If Reimold is on or past 2nd at the instant Gutierrez releases the throw, he should score. If he is not quite to 2nd base at the time of the throw, then he should only get 3rd.

Without that angle, its just a guess, because you can't see for sure from any of the angles they've shown on the broadcast.

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Okay can we now stop with the "Tremblely doesn't go out and yell at the umpires, stick up for his players, and try and fire up his guys" argument? He was giving that ump hell and was very vocal in his support for Reimold and he was absolutely right. Hopefully they play the game under protest (if they still can).

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God, DT may have a heart attack!

That's what i'm thinking... I hope he's alright, my goodness.

Good for him, he's protecting his team and player there, and I like that. As Palmer mentioned, there wasn't any profanity or insulting of the ump, he just didn't agree with the call.

You get the feeling a LOT of frustration was boiled up in DT and he just let it all out there.

"You know me, I don't say anything. You messed that up, you're telling me my guy didn't run hard."

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    • Did most people miss the words elite and controlled in the title? Surprised at how easily so many people said no, when I thought the bullpen was a consensus weakness of this team. I like Kjerstad too and you don't trade him for just anyone. But if you can get a difference making 8th/9th inning guy, who isn't a rental, that seems worth considering. 
    • No problem. Like I said I think Mike is open minded. Big difference obviously from shagging pre game to playing in games. Said Mayo is working on OF behind the scenes. 
    • Gametime:  1:35 pm ET Forecast:  55 degrees and sunny Matchup:  Cole Irvin (L) vs Seth Lugo (R) Lineups See first post Orioles Bench Austin Hays (R) Jorge Mateo (R) James McCann (R) Ramon Urias (R) Orioles Bullpen Available Mike Baumann  (R)  0.1 IP, 2p last night Yennier Cano (R)  0.1 IP, 15p last night;  1.0 IP, 20p Wednesday Danny Coulombe (L)  0.2 11p last night;  0.2 IP, 10p Wednesday  Craig Kimbrel  (R)  1.0 IP, 9p last night;  1.0 IP, 12p Wednesday Dillon Tate  (R)  1.0 IP, 20p Friday;  1.1 IP, 21p Monday Jacob Webb (R)  0.1 IP, 15p Wednesday Probably Available Yohan Ramirez (R)  0.1 IP, 10p last night Not Available Keegan Akin (L)  0.2 IP, 11p last night;  0.1 IP, 16p Friday;  0.1 IP, 3p Wednesday
    • He didn’t cover that. Just said he responded well to the injection. Said in January he felt weird sensation ramping up. He felt like at time he could throw threw it. Credited rest and staff working with him. Build him back slowly in minors.    I enjoy listening to Front Office show and with Sirius app can go back and listen. 
    • I saw he was just put on the IL for a knee sprain. I hope it's not serious.
    • Orioles 1 Henderson       SS 2 Rutschman        C 3 O’Hearn          DH 4 Santander       RF 5 Mountcastle    1B 6 Mullins            CF 7 Cowser           LF 8 Westburg        3B 9 Holliday          2B Irvin, C              SP Royals 1 Garcia, M         3B 2 Witt Jr.             SS 3 Pasquantino    1B 4 Perez, S          DH 5 Melendez         LF 6 Renfroe           RF 7 Frazier             2B 8 Fermin              C 9 Hampson        CF Lugo, S              SP
    • Thanks for sharing! I think Mayo in the OF is a good idea. Westburg is proving himself capable of being an every day option at 3B. 1B is covered for now unless something unexpected happens with Mountcastle. All of the OF prospects are left handed so Mayo would help balance that out. 
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