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O's Select NEW Spring Training Home


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No WAY! Is the contract signed?!?! It's bound to not come true!


City Council still has to approve the transfer of the facility to the County, looks like they meet tomorrow at 1 pm.

Of course it's probably just a formality. I don't think they'll forgo all that state money and the 50/50 contributions the Orioles and the County have agreed to make to the capital fund. Why would the City want to keep an empty stadium that needs repairs?

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So is the environmental issue, reported on by Doc today in the MiL forum, now resolved? Or is that still looming as something that could upset this agreement?

The article says -

The county and Orioles deal is contingent upon the City of Sarasota approving an environmental indemnity clause in its interlocal agreement which will transfer Ed Smith Stadium to the county. City officials will meet at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22 at Sarasota City Hall to discuss the agreement.

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