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MD-VT Game delayed, to start at 6:30


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I understood his post. I didn't understand yours. How is Blacksburg "small time" because a water main broke? There have been huge water main breaks in Baltimore very recently -- is that "small time"?

Major cities along the East Coast and The Wire say Yes. ;)

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I believe you've missed some context. Check out the prior posts in this thread. I'm not saying VT WILL get a bid. I'm saying that GT, VT, and Clemson have NCAA tourney level talent and effort. The BC loss was awful for VT and obviously they won't get in if they end up 8-8. If at least 2 of 3 of those teams don't get in, I'll be upset. I'm basically saying that I've seen enough BB this year that I'm sure that these teams are in the top 50 teams in the country.

BTW, I'm not a VT BB follower at all so you're way off base with the homer references, but you did condescend really well in that paragraph re: "rarefied air". I've rooted for MD since I was 8. Check out any MD game thread this season and you'll see me piping in with my thoughts and hopes for them.

But it is rarified air for tech fans... is it not?

I could really care less if you root for tech or not... I hold nothing against anyone.

I was simply responding to the tech "deserves" a bid comment. My point being... they don't "deserve" a bid yet... they're mission isn't complete. Being one of the best 50 teams in the country does not get you in the tourney... Being one of the best teams, though, in a major conference does. Tech is almost there. They will deserve that bid if they can rebound and win a few more. If they lose out... they won't be deserving, top 50 team or not, because they would have blown it at the end of the year.

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