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MD-VT Game delayed, to start at 6:30


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What do you do? Can you watch it on espn360 at work? (obviously most people can't but if you can follow it on gamecast...)

Coast Guard, they block just about everything. I can't even get on fantasy baseball here. Its so harmless; they love to block stuff.

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Listening to the 105.7 pregame show:
  • It was indeed a Budweiser truck according to Seth Greenberg.
  • The initial accident caused the 4 hour delay but they have since had two additional breaks. The most recent one would have pushed the start to 11pm if they didn't find a solution.
  • They did indeed discuss closing the gym and playing the game with just the players.
  • The solution they came up with was to open four adjacent buildings for bathroom use. The bathrooms in Cassell Coliseum have no running water.
  • The Terps will use the locker room in the practice gym for post-game.

Game on!

Quote from the analyst as time expired on the 1st overtime with the score tied: "I hope nobody has to use the bathroom because we don't have one!"

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