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4/7 O's vs Rays

Big Mac

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He's just a competitor who wants to win. Lots of guys play with emotion like him.

I know and I like that aspect of his game. And I also know there are lot of player s that play with the same intensity, but not many show their frustrations like him and I think the way shows it is rather entertaining and funny. It also leads me to feel that he is out of his mind, there is nothing wrong with that.

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I'm surprised more guys haven't attempted to bunt with Tejada at third base.

?? It's only the 2nd game- and they tried it quite often last night. I'd think with Guthrie's struggle of late- they'd at least see if they can get to him before they try and get on base that way.

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    • But Urias’ knee is was an issue. Hope it isn’t an issue in season.    We have a good “problem” on our hands. I don’t think it’s prudent to bring Westburg up unless he’s playing 4+ days a week.    I can see Elias’ thinking with Frazier. We needed an insurance policy if Urias wasn’t good to go, or God forbid that that Mullins gets hurt and Frazier could lead off.  It’s looking like we should trade Mateo, but there is little market, then play Gunnar at SS, with Westburg as basically a starting 3rd/4th IF. We need a Mateo buyer. 
    • No, it’s amortizing. Once the 7 years is up, if we have not re-fi’ed, our rate goes to what it is at that time.    I tend to doubt we will see interest rates get below the 4.375 was have but if we can get back to 5 or lower at any point, I will probably re-if early even if it means a little higher rate than we have now in the short term to insure we are ok long term.
    • It’s been awhile since I’ve worked in originations.  What do they index these to now?  I know it’s no longer LIBOR.  And is it amortizing or interest-only?
    • Agreed. In addition, he is seeing some pitchers for the first time. Early, you want to see the ball deep, and see as many pitches as you can.  I have no doubt he will make adjustments at the ML level and be an excellent player at some point this season. Watching him work his at bats, he’s patient and has a great approach. I’d love to see him break camp and go North with the club. I think he’s just about ready. I just want to know what Elias has in mind with all of this. 
    • A consistently winning team made up of solid but internationally invisible ballplayers will generate more gross revenue.  Far more over time.  It's hard to look at the Orioles signing Ohtani as anything other than a stunt given what it would take to land him.
    • I wish DJ well, but this is more likely his Jake Fox moment. It would be a good story if he developed into a serviceable MLB player.
    • Powell is evidently not scared. Rates go up a quarter point.
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