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May 8 Game 2


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    • I think this is part of what is going on.  Hays in my opinion is pushing a bit because he wants to stay and keep playing.  In the off season he announced he would love to sign an extension.   He ia a player I have always liked and admired.  He was a bright light on some dark teams without much talent.  He played all out when there wasn't much to play for except pride. However, the tide is rising and it would appear guys like Hays will be replaced.  Whether he continues as a 4th OF guy or not IDK.  I hope he comes out of it and plays his best.  But I still expect Cowser to get the most abs.
    • Cowser HR distances: 438, 357, 415, 422, 430. Westburg HR distances: 369, 432, 400, 404, 433. These guys don’t hit many cheapies.  
    • I agree with the professional ABs part. And have thought about him being given a chance against Tuesday’s starter for the Angels and the A’s pitching this weekend. If he cannot build some positive momentum facing “weaker” pitching, then it may be time for a reset? However, I very much believe in his talent and am very confident that he will become a star. I know many don’t want to accept/believe it (because we live in a very instantaneous society) but most often these things take time. What is surprising to me is to see vet/extremely knowledgeable posters speak so harshly about the kid, as if we didn’t just watch so many of our budding stars struggle out of the gate. Yes, his struggles have been worse, but he is also the youngest/most inexperienced prospect that we have had (certainly amongst the current crop).
    • Those are the numbers that came to my mind. That is pretty aggressive OPS numbers when you add them up. 
    • The issue for me is not his ability with the bat in his hands. It is the lack of starting pitching talent/depth throughout the org. And what that will look like if/when Burnes leaves via free agency. When you have this many good young players but they all are position players; you have to at least seriously consider who you can trade to help balance the talent.  Sure we can get Norby some platoon ABs this year. But what happens next year when Holliday will be planted at 2B, Mayo will need a regular spot, and so will Kjerstad? And then there is Basallo who will be ready to make the jump at some time next season. IMO it seems short sighted to try to force him on to the MLB roster this year when you know the situation that lies ahead.  Now maybe we trade 1 or 2 of the other guys, that I mentioned, and then this is no longer a conversation? Who knows how things will ultimately play out?
    • Colton Cowser (.373/.411/.784) and Jordan Westburg (.333/.392/.692) are both on a tremendous roll right now, but where do you see them settling in? Cowser was a .298/.420/.489 hitter as a minor leaguer, including .280/.399/.498 in AAA.   His cumulative major league numbers are .232/.338/.438. Westburg was a .278/.371/.506 hitter as a minor leaguer, including .283/.366/.533 in AAA.   His cumulative major league numbers are .279/.332/.464.    My best guess is that Cowser settles in around .285/.375/.485, while Westburg is something like .275/.350/.485.   And honestly, that would be pretty amazing.   
    • Until he gets those walks down, I'm not going to get my hopes up on him being a productive Major League pitcher.
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