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Interesting Hobgood article


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Saying it has been two seasons is severely mistaking the facts. Hobgood only made 8 starts for 26.2 innings in 2009. He only has 116 innings in his whole career with an approximate 4.68 ERA.

To call that a bust is just wrong.

Maybe I am wrong but really not what you want to see out of your high first round draft pick. Seems most people were correct and he was way way overdrafted.

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I saw an article recently suggesting that this was an issue for most minor-league clubs. The players, due to low salaries and per-diems, are essentially forced to subsist on fast- and junk-food.

Drungo often mentions that a salary cap would simply allow a club like the Yankees to throw unlimited resources into their minor-league clubs. I wonder why there isn't a team out there trying to do that now?

Hobgood was paid a $2,500,000 signing bonus.

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Right. Besides there's a big difference between not eating right and overeating. I'm sure most minor leaguers don't eat right and look to be in top shape. That's not the same as just eating way too much.

If the article is correct, it sounds like Hobgood gained 30 or more pounds from last October (after the season) to March (spring training). If that is true, then the O's should have roasted the pounds off of him. I posted an article last spring about Hobgood getting in better shape, working with a trainer at the end of the offseason, etc., and there was no mention of him weighing 270 lbs when he came to spring training. I haven't seen that info anywhere. Either he and the O's really downplayed this in the spring or the article is mistaken. If true, then it's pretty disgusting. If not true, then the high school kid who wrote the article is way off base. Crap, my doctor just chewed my butt out for gaining four pounds in the last year. I imagine the Orioles went nuts if he really gained 30 pounds in the offseason.

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Why do people constantly want to give this guy excuses?

- he is big boned

- his genes has caused him to be big

- his weight gain came with added muscle

- he is working on other pitches so he can succeed is why his numbers are down

- maybe it is the O's front office for not providing a nutrisinst


What's next, he has a good personality?

He is a man and a professional plan and simple! He isn't a poor 20 year old junior hanging out in a frat house on some college campus. He didn't have a choice where he was picked, but for a person that suppose to have "off the charts makeup", I am clearly disappointed. I really want the guy to come into spring training and prove us all wrong.

Can we repeat Tony's mantra "Actions speak louder than words"!

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A scout reported to Tony that he sat 92-94 one game this season. That would be awesome if he could be there next season consistently.

When FB velocity varies from game to game by three to five MPH, it's usually a sign of severe mechanical inconsistency. We get used to the idea of MLB pitchers hitting the same velocity game after game. They might lose a little bit as the season goes on, but if a big league pitcher sits at 91-93 with his four-seamer today, you can usually count on it being around 91-93 next time out.

But in the lower minors there is often a lot more variation, because frequently younger pitchers don't yet have their mechanics locked down.

This isn't to knock Hobgood, nor to make excuses,. It's just the way it is. I have no doubt that Hobgood is sitting on a 94 MPH fastball when everything is going right. But I am also sure that he and the coaches had some frustrating days this summer when his mechanics were all over the place. His future as a high-level pro player probably depends on him being able to work that out.

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