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According to Jones...


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Fielder has been in contact with JJ Hardy.

Recently talking to Adam Jones, he told me that he has been in constant contact with Prince since their trip to Europe, and has held an open line of communication with his teammate JJ hardy since the seasons end. This is what he had to say...

Yeah, JJ and I have talked a few times and he's told me that Prince actually called him to ask him about Baltimore, and what he thought of it. You know, he and JJ were tight in Milwaukee. JJ told me that Prince said the Orioles have remained in contact all winter long, and that the Orioles told him they are looking to improve the offense in any way they can. He said they like his bat in Camden Yards. I mean, who doesn't like Prince Fielder's bat in their stadium, unless its an opposing team (laughing).

I then asked Adam what he thought:

Man, you know, Prince is special. The market isn't too big for him either, but regardless, he is a great dude, with Hall of Fame potential. From what he told me the Orioles are serious in their talks, but he doesn't know what will happen with the others (Mariners, Texas, Washington). He told me that when he visited, that he loved it, particularity the harbor. So we will see what happens. I can tell you this, all the guys here (team) are excited for next year, and all of the rumors that we are hearing feuls the excitement. Mr. Duquette is doing a great job, and he knows how to win-he's built a winning team in the AL East in Boston. That's all we want, is a chance to win. We hear all the rumors, people have to remember, we are still people. From what I'm hearing, things are getting, or going to get interesting.

Then I asked about a trade with Atlanta:

You had to didn't you? (Laughing) Look man, I'm preparing for a 162 game season, in Baltimore, or on the Moon, I don't care where I play, I just want to play and have a chance to win. I hate watching the playoffs from my house, and not from CF. It's the worst feeling ever. That's what I'll say about that one.

Some interesting comments from Adam, I'll talk to him again next week and we will catch up some more, hope this is sufficient enough for now.

I'll say this too, take it or leave it. Adam and I are close we talk a lot, and poster on here will be skeptical of that, but some posters on here can confirm that.

That's all I have for now.


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Wow, fascinating conversation. Did I understand you correctly and Prince Fielder visited Baltimore? We were led to believe that he didn't visit the O's. That's very interesting. Contrary to some comments here it sounds like Jones wants to stay in Baltimore. The OP is going to fire Jtrea up.

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Wow, fascinating conversation. Did I understand you correctly and Prince Fielder visited Baltimore? We were led to believe that he didn't visit the O's. That's very interesting. Contrary to some comments here it sounds like Jones wants to stay in Baltimore. The OP is going to fire Jtrea up.

I think he meant he visited as a player while playing for the brewers

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No reason why you should. C'mon, really?

I assumed that we were giving lip service to a pursuit of Fielder, but not actually doing anything. If we have been in consistent contact with him, and he has discussed us with JJ and visited here (when is a question), yes that would constitute more contact and consideration than I thought was being made and given. Just the fact he considers the Orioles "serious" surprises me.

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