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Could we trade for him-kidding.

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Sometimes I just think that the baseball Gods are getting ready to just turn on the Yankees and have them sink to the pits of the AL East for like 30 years. Like, everything they do just automatically backfires on them. That'd be glorious.

Are the Orioles moving out of the division?

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That is too funny. I think we're going to see a dramatic decline from the Yankees starting this season.

Man...I said that last year too! I don't think it's happening though.

As for Pineda, if you want him you've got to give up Machado. If you're willing to do that fine, but I'm not bringing that guy to the AL East. Look at his home/road splits from last year. If we had an all bat, no glove type guy to give up for him it'd be fine.

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I just decided to keep Pineda, last night, in my auction keeper league.

I really went back and forth on that one..but he is only $13, so figured I had to take the shot.

He's a lot like Montero actually. That was one of those quality trades for both teams. Both guys have huge question marks in their games, can one be anything more than a DH, does the other need Safeco?

By no means do I think Pineda will flop hard, but I think you'll be hard pressed to see him put up his first half numbers in the AL East playing his home games at Yankee Stadium.

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