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vs. RED SOX 5/21


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I think they found out how to make Tommy Hunter throw strikes.

Put him up there with a healthy arm, but work his legs until they hurt. So he's dying to sit back down as soon as he's up there. He attacks the zone so he can go rest his legs. :laughlol:

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That was ball three, Ortiz. Ha ha.

He's the anti-Nolan Reimold when it comes to patience.

Remember last year when he swung at Kevin Gregg's 3-0 pitch that was way out of the strike zone because he wanted so badly to knock it out of the park after Gregg almost hit him twice ??? :laughlol: it's too bad that when Gregg took a swing at him, his target area was restricted because Ortiz still had his batting helmet on. I really think that Gregg might have connected if Ortiz wasn't wearing the batting helmet.

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