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vs. Indians 7/22 Zach on HOF Day


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Class personified. He always belived Santo deserved to make it to the Hall.Now he's backing it up with his appearance. Im glad he feels well enough to attend.

I know looks can be deceiving, but Brooks looked pretty good when I saw him last weekend. I hope that we have many more years to enjoy his grace.

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Nick Markakis - RF

J.J. Hardy - SS

Jim Thome - DH

Adam Jones - CF

Wilson Betemit - 3B

Chris Davis - LF

Mark Reynolds - 1B

Ryan Flaherty - 2B

Taylor Teagarden - C

Zach Britton - LHP (0-0, 9.00 ERA)


Shin-Soo Choo - RF

Asdrubal Cabrera - SS

Jason Kipnis - 2B

Jose Lopez - 3B

Michael Brantley - CF

Carlos Santana - 1B

Shelley Duncan - DH

Lou Marson - C

Aaron Cunningham ® LF

Josh Tomlin - RHP (5-6, 5.51 ERA)


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Zelous Wheeler needs your help

Unfortunately, I can't vote as I'm in England.

Much as I would like Zelous to win, there are some great names in there such as Rock Shoulders, Duke van Schamann and Kevin Quackenbush.


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What the hell is wrong with Showalter ???

When is he going to get J.J. Hardy out of the 2-ho .........

Alright, Bucky !!! We're behind you the whole way. You're the skipper, we're the fans. .:boogie:

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    • So in the above 8 pages, I think we have established that it is harder, but possible, to succeed with a below average K rate. I think we can also agree that Means has a track record of success as an above average (but not elite) pitcher (3.75 ERA, 122 ERA+) with below average K rate (7.6). Not to belabor this further, but the real question to ask (which I think Sports Guy may be getting at) is whether Means' current 3.1 K/9 is concerning. The more important comparison is not to league average, but to Means' own career norms. Especially because he is coming off TJ, a big change in K/9 could indicate a major dropoff or change in stuff.  My feeling with his second start was that he looked pretty bad despite allowing few runs. Last night from what I saw the eye test matched the results. I doubt he will succeed if he continues with 3.1 K/9, but I think if he pitches the way he did last night he will get more K's. Overall, very comfortable with him as a playoff starter and a middle rotation guy heading into next year, but have to be concerned in view of his TJ.
    • I can’t speak about the Sun, but in those days the Post would print a full list of all the stats of the qualified batters and pitchers every Sunday, and I’d spend at least an hour looking at them every week.  The batter list was in BA order (OBP? SLG? What’s that?), while the pitcher list was in ERA order.  As a 4th grader, our teacher actually taught us how to divide a larger number into a smaller number by giving us a copy the final 1967 list from the paper and having us calculate the batting averages by dividing the at bats into the hits for every player.  My lifetime fascination with baseball stats stems from that exercise, and to this day I remember a lot of stats from that particular season.  
    • I'd guess right now it is a Lee May/Eddie Murray sort of situation.     Next year and certainly after Kjerstad is pretty likely a better RF than Santander, but these few weeks rocking the boat....whatever juice may or may not be there right now isn't worth the squeeze.
    • Last six starts of the season for him: The walks are still too high (15.4%) but guys weren't hitting him much. 
    • Of course Hyde also hoped he'd avoid the IL. Hopefully he comes back strong.
    • Growing up in Rochester I didn't get the Sun but followed the O's, my favorite team, having seen many of the team coming through the Rochester Red Wings.  Of course, back then, there was that annual O's visit that you could not miss.   I forgot the West Coast games.  They rarely made it to the paper at all. I was annoyed with only the first few innings being in there but never remember it being some big tragic situation as I could imagine a few minutes would be these days, but I digress. Baseball probably helped me more with math than many classes. My skills from spending hours with stats still serve me well decades later. Thanks for sharing!
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