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Facial hair


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Uh...the Orioles' rule is gone...and it still makes me sad every time I see one of our players with a goatee.
Actually, the O's policy is for the facial hair to be neatly trimmed. The Red Sox wouldn't meet that criteria.
The Orioles are now allowed to wear a little hair on their chins.

Manager Buck Showalter confirmed Monday that he has gotten approval from ownership to relax the team's facial hair policy — to a limited extent — but there is a caveat.

"It's kind of 'Can they keep it presentable?'" Showalter said. "They're going to police themselves."

Showalter and president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail approached owner Peter Angelos after the club brought in two veterans — Derrek Lee and Vladimir Guerrero — who have long worn goatees.

"I asked Derrek how long he had that, and he said he couldn't remember when he didn't," Showalter said, "and he's one of the really good clubhouse-presence guys."

Showalter told the players early in camp that if having the option of wearing a well-trimmed beard was important to them, he would make an attempt to relax the policy, which has been in effect for most of the Angelos ownership era.

The facial hair policy also was a big issue when Kevin Millar signed with the club before the 2006 season. He had worn a beard or mustache for most of his career, and he was coming from a Boston Red Sox team that had Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon and all their strange grooming incarnations. Millar started a "Beard for the Birds" campaign, but it did little to make a dent in the policy during his three seasons in Baltimore.

The important thing to remember, however, is that the facial hair policy remains at the discretion of ownership, and Showalter indicated that it could get tightened in a hurry if the Orioles start looking scruffy.

As for now, the Orioles players seem to be enjoying their new-found freedom. Luke Scott is sporting a beard. Adam Jones and Nick Markakis are also wearing goatees.

"It's cool for me, and I have like 12 facial hairs," Jones said. "But some of these guys have had goatees their whole career. It's cool that our ownership has that flexibility."

Asked whether he was a fan of the new policy, Markakis smiled, pointed to his goatee and said, "Can't you tell?"

source - Baltimore Sun, Mar. 7, 2011
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