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Jen Royle: Orioles open to trading Valencia ( Traded to KC for OF David Lough)

Barnaby Graves

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Jen Royle of the Boston Herald reports that the Orioles are exploring options to trade Danny Valencia.

It makes sense to try to sell high on Valencia after he batted a surprising .304/.335/.553 with eight homers in 51 games for the Orioles last season. There's no word on who might be interested, but the Marlins would make a lot of sense since they're looking for a third baseman and Valencia grew up just outside Miami.

I can see this as he had a .304 BA and a .335 OBP. Even though he was really fun to watch... you have to have certain expectations going forward.

I don't think it means anything that it's Jen Royle reporting this but I figured someone might mention it.

This might mean they are optimistic about Machado's timetable.

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I don't know why you bother doing this unless teams are actually actively inquiring about him. Even with that good month or so he had I doubt he'd bring much of note in a trade, I'd rather keep the guy and see if he can keep terrorizing lefties. He's part one of a rather interesting designated hitter platoon.

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