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Favorite players on our team


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don't laugh but I love:

1)Ubaldo-nice guy. rooting for him to do well and get back to Rox circa 2010 year

2)Urrutia-nice guy.

3)O'Day-nice guy. love his setup work

4)Jones-nice guy. great player

5)Manny-great player

6)Zach-nice guy. BEAST closer.

Unfortunately, its been a rough season BUT the last 3.75 season have been damn fun. This year has been fun but infuriating at times, well most of the time.


I forgot to mention Darren O'Day. LOVE him and his underhanded ways. ;)

I tend to favor and follow those who are struggling, especially if they are unpopular or even hated by their own fans. I always root for them to come back and show us all. Many times, character (or lack thereof) is shown by adversity.

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And to sorta answer the question, the player I most enjoy watching is Schoop. I was on his bandwagon way back in the minors and I am interested in seeing how far he can develop as a player.
Interesting. Last year, I didn't like Schoop all that much. He seemed so much like an automatic out when he came to bat. However, my feeling on Schoop has made a 180 degree turn. He is learning to hit and has great defense. I hope he's around for a long, long time.
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Interesting. Last year, I didn't like Schoop all that much. He seemed so much like an automatic out when he came to bat. However, my feeling on Schoop has made a 180 degree turn. He is learning to hit and has great defense. I hope he's around for a long, long time.

This :agree: I was fearing a 200 hitter. Gladd he is proven me wrong.

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I haven't posted in years, but I'm pretty motivated by this thread.

Favorites of the past:







Eric Davis

Favorites now:






And I gotta say that I really like the excitement that Parra brings to the game. If he's with us next year, he may make this list.

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Being a big fan of Ripken, I got to follow his entire 21 year career. Now it's harder to get too attached to a player because who knows how long they will be around. Case in point, I'm a fan of Davis, but I have already started moving on assuming he is likely to be playing somewhere else in 2016. That leaves Machado, who we will at least have through 2018.

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Adam Jones - the team leader, admire his bluntness

Jonathan Schoop - love the joy he brings to the game, great arm, his bat is coming around

Manny Machado - already legendary glovework. His bat has really come around this year - hope he reigns in his brashness some

Darren O'Day - clutch

Gerardo Parra - patient at bats, some recent big hits, passionate team guy

Zach Britton - lucky to have him

Steve Pearce - admire his passion, hope he clicks soon to help us down the stretch

JJ Hardy - our daughter's fave, so gotta chime in. Great glove, hate that he's hurting and missing out

Caleb Joseph - maybe my current fave overall, Baby's gotta eat!

Matt Wieters - was a big fave, but already out the door imho. Watching him play now just makes me sad thinking of the what ifs.

Steve Clevenger - Pigtown! So happy he's getting another chance and hitting

Mychal Givens - thoroughly impressed with him. I see big things for him next year

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They are perhaps the worst nicknames I have ever come across. If I ever hear someone using these nicknames in a bar, then that person walks outside and gets hit by a bus, I will not look up from my beer, nor will I shed a tear.

Pretty much.

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    • Have you seen the lineups? They are a joke. Hyde has to go too.     😎 Insomnia in progress. 
    • I have to admit I am all for resigning Burnes too, I just can't remember the last time the O's signed a free agent the other top teams wanted.  I don't think even Chris Davis fits that category because the O's were bidding against themselves.  Albert Belle?  I guess I'll just try to be hopeful.  I can't see Rubenstein making himself the public face of the franchise and then turning around and basically saying this is going to be my cash cow.  I guess we'll soon find out.  I have to admit I am looking forward to this way more than the election.  lol
    • It seems to me they should probably change their approach or the season will end up a disaster.  It’s frankly unexplainable they haven’t demoted/traded/DFA’d the players that aren’t performing.  It’s a joke management thinks this group of players has any chance of winning anything.  Imagine if they could just walk more..
    • Sorry I’m not Gretzky fan , lol . And don’t know any of his quotes. But I would love to hear it , if you can share.    Speaking of bullpen, I agree that ours needs to be augmented and upgraded.  The trade deadline is coming soon so……..
    • I agree. He's a major factor in our odds to win a World Series. Gotta go for it while you can and keep him if we can. I generally don't like big contracts and view them as over pays. I criticized the Albert Belle signing, I hated the Ubaldo Jimenez signing, and I didn't feel comfortable with the Chris Davis extension. But to me those players did not have a solid consistent careers as a pure Ace player like Burnes does. Burnes is a player I feel confident that you know what you're getting, even if we can expect a decline by age 35. Up to that point, you're getting a perennial Cy Young competitor to anchor your entire Pitching Staff and give you a chance to win when you need it most just like he did tonight in the game 3 rubber match in a series against division rivals. This series against the Red Sox, Burnes was effectively the Stopper and got us back on track. I'm all for resigning Corbin Burnes! It's on my Christmas wish list!
    • I agree. He's been such a key part of the team competing this year. Especially since we don't have a good bullpen, Corbin Burnes has been HUGE for us. For us to keep the window to a World Series chance open, we have to at least try to retain his services. Ya never know if you don't try! What's that Wayne Gretsky quote about shots you don't take?
    • Welcome to the Orioles Hangout!
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