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A couple of trade ideas


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Weams wins this one with the Hardy explanation. Plus Ubaldo at 2/26 is very good value. Plus Ubaldo was our best pitcher last year. Plus we already lost a pick for Ubaldo in 2014. Why then would we create another hole, just to lose more picks to sign Gallardo, and even worse, Kazmir.

I feel your pain fellow O's fans. Honestly the best solution to our problems would be to just sign Davis(that was easy), sign venable(LH platoon, cheap bat), and then see whatever SP will take our lowball offer.

What's frustrating is that we just saw a flurry of trades for players that we could have used. But it's hard to get involved in trades when our only trade chips are Britton, Flaherty, selling low on Bundy, or selling more of what little is left of our prospects. I'm just afraid that we'll do something stupid like trade Walker and Hess/Cisco/Reyes for Jay Bruce.

Is Christian Walker ready to make the leap? I was thinking earlier today that they may start him at first this year is the Davis pursuit doesn't pan out.

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