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May 10 @ Kansas City


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Nah, I think you should get McLovin to permanently insert (the Bum) every time someone types the name Kevin Millar. Apparently he can do that per the 'IHeartMASN (aka Psycho Email Guy)' thread. :rolleyes:

By the way for those who haven't read the thread, I did not type "AKA Psycho Email Guy".

Whoa are you serious? I liked when IHeartMASN made videos in the game threads. I guess I shouldn't doubt the power of McLovin :eektf:

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Quick question....

On Aubrey Huff's double the right fielder got it but when he fielded it the ball was along the wall and he's left handed and had to reach his glove across his body to field it with his glove but he didn't backhand it. I played college ball but I played center and left and I am left handed and was never in that situation. Is that the proper way to field that ball? Just seems like you shouldn't reach across your body with your glove like that to field a ball.

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