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May 10 @ Kansas City


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He could pull it off, just tell him not to hustle and try to hit the ball right at people:D

Man, that is just cold. True... but cold.

I figure with the nasty weather in KC, maybe the umpires wouldn't notice the switch. :noidea:

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Thorne just said 3 RUN homer, and said it a few times in a row when he was talking about that we've had one the last 3 games. I don't believe it.

Then the next sentence he says 3 RBI homer, o well, it was good while it lasted.

He said "Three Run Homer" three times before he reverted to "three RBI homer" twice.

It's a CaveMan Geico MASN thing btw. (the Jazz Hands)

O good someone else confirmed it. I thought I was dreaming.

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