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May 10 @ Kansas City


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I think Quiroz might be starting, not sure. Yahoo has him playing?

I was going off a guy posting in the board. Here, I usually use ESPN let's see.


1. B. Roberts, 2B D. DeJesus, RF

2. M. Mora, 3B E. German, LF

3. N. Markakis, RF A. Gordon, 3B

4. A. Huff, DH B. Butler, 1B

5. K. Millar, 1B M. Grudzielanek, 2B

6. J. Payton, LF J. Guillen, DH

7. A. Jones, CF J. Buck, C

8. G. Quiroz, C J. Gathright, CF

9. F. Bynum, SS T. Pena Jr., SS

Yeah your right thanks. Sorry for the mistake.

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