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Statcast Lab: How Much Impact Does a Great-fielding Outfielder Have?


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I'd have posted this in the O's talk section but it didn't seem relevant. ;)


But for fielders, we don?t have that situation at all. A fielder can get a bunch of balls hit right at him for easy outs, or he can get a bunch of balls that even Willie Mays might have problems with. It?s like crediting Barry Bonds with an out instead of an IBB, because he didn?t get a hit. We need to be able to understand the quality of opportunities for our fielders.

Opportunity Space for a RF


Great defensive RF


Poor defensive RF


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I love this analysis. The fact that it gives us a statistically significant sample much faster makes the data like 10x more useful. It's really frustrating when the most accurate defensive data requires 2+ years to normalize. Injuries. aging etc. all make that data really noisy.

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