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Complete 2008 Draft list w/updated signings as of 8/5

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Isn't $100K for a 13th round pick over slot $$$????

It's hard to tell without the actual slot numbers since teams have little issue going above slot by $25k to $50k to sign someone like this. Last year, there were numerous draft picks in the eighth to tenth rounds getting signing bonuses less than $50k. So I would assume that $ paid to Thomas was easily $50k and possibly more than $75k above slot.

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Isn't $100K for a 13th round pick over slot $$$????

BA only has the bonuses listed for three players in the 13th round last year.

16th pick Kyle Ocampo out of H.S. got 250,000

25th pick Sergio Miranda out of college got 25,000

27th pick Londell Taylor H.S. got 110,000

The 12th round signing bonuses (4 H.S. 1 college) are all in the 100,000 to 300,000 range.

In the 14th round they had four players' bonuses(3 H.S. 1 college) listed with none of them under 100,000.

So for a High School kid he wasn't a bargain pick but I don't think we blew slotting out of the water either.

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Some signing news:

Nicholas Haughian (Round 9) http://heraldnet.com/article/20080607/SPORTS/634688085/1009/SPORTS07

"Honestly, it could be 50-50," Haughian said. "I told the Orioles as well as most clubs that I was probably signable if I went in the first 10 rounds.

"It depends on what Baltimore throws at me."

Eddie Gamboa (Round 21) http://www.mercedsunstar.com/201/v-print/story/296307.html

former Merced star Eddie Gamboa (21, 626) to the Orioles, Merced College freshman pitcher Bradin Hagens (37, 1105) to the Royals.

SIGNABILITY: Mooneyham has the toughest decision to make: Will he choose the Padres or Stanford? Gamboa will sign a big league contract.

Jose Barajas (Round 26) http://www.nevadaappeal.com/article/20080606/SPORTS/612001610

Barajas will also sign with the Baltimore Orioles in the next couple of weeks and is also expected to report to the Orioles Gulf Coast League Rookie League team. Barajas would likely command a signing bonus around $20,000.

The Orioles will go by “last year’s numbers and then go from there,” said Barajas on how his signing bonus will be negotiated. “I want to get started with my pro career and start working.”

Barajas also credited WNC with his success. “I had good coaches, the best coaches,” he said.

He said WNC’s coaches told him, “if I worked hard I would make it. All the hard work paid off.”

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I really hope we sign Bundy and Landers. Those are the two i really want besides the top guys. Brady and Marrtin would be awesome as well. Looking over the past draft i didnt realize we drafted Tanner Scheppers out of high school a couple years ago. He would have been a awesome signing.

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By Matt Clements

Inside Carolina

Posted Jun 11, 2008

Tar Heel baseball signee L.J. Hoes informed InsideCarolina.com on Wednesday evening that he has decided to bypass college and will sign a contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

"I plan on meeting with the Orioles and signing my contract on Saturday," he said.

Hoes, an outfielder at Washington (D.C.) St. John's, was a third-round selection (81st pick overall) by Baltimore in last week's Major League Baseball draft.

"The Orioles are a local team and their farm system has a [team] right by my house," Hoes said. "I thought I would have gone a little earlier, but I was very happy to be picked by the Orioles."

He hit .524 this spring, with eight home runs, 29 RBIs and 32 steals.

"L.J. is a good kid -- he loves baseball and works hard at it," said Baltimore Orioles scout Dean Albany, who has been tracking Hoes for several years. "Of course I went to bat for him."

"We are happy as can be to get him. Once we get him signed and everything it will be time for him to get to work and prove me right. He has got to perform. We did not draft L.J. for depth in our minor league system -- we are signing L.J. to help our big league club. Anything short of that and I'm wrong..."

The Mitchellville, Md. native is ranked a national Top 10 outfielder by Perfect Game and the No. 72 senior prospect overall.

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Any word on whether #14 pick Jesse Beal will sign rather than go to Maryland?

I know he's on the radar and I know he's a guy Jordan wants to sign. He's pitching for Dean Albany this summer so they'll watch him and make him an offer before the summer is out. I doubt he'll sign in time to pitch much this year, but if he pitches like he can, I could see the O's giving him decent money to sign.

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It's hard to tell without the actual slot numbers since teams have little issue going above slot by $25k to $50k to sign someone like this. Last year, there were numerous draft picks in the eighth to tenth rounds getting signing bonuses less than $50k. So I would assume that $ paid to Thomas was easily $50k and possibly more than $75k above slot.

I gotta say I'm not too thrilled about this Thomas pick as others are. He is almost 20 years old and just graduated from High School. From past experience of drafting overage High School players, we don't seem to have very good luck(Bryan Bass and Corey Shafer come to mind off the bat)

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    • Everyone excited about hot starts this spring.  Meanwhile, not a peep about Jorge who’s crushing the ball right now.   Looks like he’s in mid April form.   Jorge, if only this could last longer than a few weeks or a month or two.   When Jorge doesn’t commit too early he’s a dangerous (I didn’t say good) hitter.   He must drive the hitting coaches crazy.
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    • I wonder if Lorenzen has some sort of injury that’s preventing him to sign?  Snell and Montgomery both want $30 million a year. Clevinger and Bauer have DV/SA issues. After looking into it, it looks like the only reason Clevinger pitched last year was because he signed his FA deal before the allegations came out.
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