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Tex wasn't a Yankee fan, he was a Don Mattingly fan. He wore his Mattingly jersey to Oriole games but he still rooted for the Orioles.

It doesn't really matter if Tex is a Yankee fan or Kakes is a Sox fan. Money talks and (you know what) walks. Show these guys the money and they will sign in Baltimore! And THAT's the bottom line, cause the Dipper said so!

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It doesn't really matter if Tex is a Yankee fan or Kakes is a Sox fan. Money talks and (you know what) walks. Show these guys the money and they will sign in Baltimore! And THAT's the bottom line, cause the Dipper said so!

Paul Konerko says otherwise. He wanted to stay in Chicago and accepted less than we offered to do so.

Tex and Markakis are very different cases. Tex can sign wherever he wants right now. I think it is highly unlikely he signs with Baltimore unless we give him the best financial package, or so close to it that the difference is insignificant. The home town team might be a tie-breaker in certian situations, but that's about it.

Markakis is here for three years. He could suffer a career-ending injury at any time. He has a lot of reasons to stay here if the O's offer a package that is solid, even if he might make more by playing it year-by-year and then becoming a free agent. But the O's have to offer something that is in line with what similar players have received.

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    • That is good news, as we have plenty of offensive potential to trade for pitching!
    • If that number is the barometer then the answer is yes. Absolutely yes!  If the goal is to one build a longer term multiple World Series winning team, then you don’t let elite/irreplaceable talent walk. Look around the game, nobody is really doing that anymore. At least not without retaining at least one franchise player to market/build around. If the other goal is to grow the franchise’s viability/relevance/fanbase/revenues within this market, you have to have superstar m/face of the franchise players that people want to see and corporations want to invest as dollars in.
    • Baseball America 10. Moises Chace, RHP, Orioles Chace’s stuff across the board is getting more swing-and-miss than it did a year ago. A 20-year-old righthander with High-A Abderdeen, Chace is throwing slightly harder than he did in 2023, sitting at 93-95 mph and reaching 96 mph with a riding fastball. He’s getting a high amount of whiffs both with a changeup that has good fade and separation off his fastball as well as a high-spin slider (2,700-2,900 rpm) that has sharp sweep across the zone. It’s a starter’s repertoire, though after recording a 15-to-2 strikeout-to-walk ratio in his first two starts, Chace walked six in four innings in his last outing. Control has been an issue for Chace before—he walked 53 in 68 innings last year—so while he has the stuff to start, location will be key for him to stick in that role.
    • Baseball America  4. Michael Forret, RHP, Orioles Forret was a 14th-round pick from State JC of Florida last year who signed with the Orioles for $450,000. He pitched in the low 90s, touched 94 mph and showed the strength projection in his 6-foot-3, 190-pound frame to think there could be more in the tank. The 20-year-old righthander has added a few ticks to his fastball already this year in Low-A Delmarva, sitting 93-95 mph and touching 97. His plus slider has been a major weapon in the low-to-mid 80s, giving him a sharp breaking ball that snaps off with late bite to miss bats. Overall, Forret has a 3.46 ERA with 19 strikeouts and three walks in 13 innings, making him one of the more intriguing sleeper prospects in the lower levels.
    • What's the run scored per game average in MLB now compared to this point last year?
    • I picked Adley simply because he was here first, he seems like the most realistic shot at an extension, and he’s the heart and soul of the team. Gunnar is the more elite talent, for sure, but are they going to top BWJ’s deal? Of course there is no real frame of reference for how the new ownership group will spend, but I’d be floored if they topped 11/288. Burnes has made it pretty clear that he wants to hit FA and it ultimately feels like he’ll end up back on the west coast. 
    • I don’t know how you are assessing value? Is it to express who is being paid the least for the most productivity? Is it age vs production? Is it who is the best player right now? 5 tool talent? Something else?
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