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Rosenthal: Boras Seeking Teixeira-Varitek Package Deal?


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I don't think signing Varitek would be a great move, but I also don't feel it would be a terrible move, as I said earlier. If Varitek were to sign a reasonably priced contract, I think it could be very beneficial to Wieters to have a great veteran like Varitek to show him the MLB ropes. That said, I doubt Varitek will want to take any sort of lower offer that we would be willing to pay, and at this point in his career, why would be want to come and play in Baltimore? He needs to completely shut Boras out of his decision making process, take the arbitration offer from the Red Sox and continue to be loved in Boston. Hopefully him staying in Boston doesn't help land Tex there.

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I think the flak people were giving him was that we should sign Tek to a 2/16 deal just to get Tex.

That is and was a very bad idea.

I agree with that 100%. However, I'll have to look back at the old posts because I think I remember people telling him that Boras would never do such a thing -

regardless - no Varitek

It is time for AM to get busy since it seems that hometown discounts ain't going to make for a Merry Christmas - It appears more and more obvious that we need to be creatively pursuing trades and other free agent options to improve this team

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