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Orioles sign Ty Wigginton to a 2 year deal


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I've got to imagine that Scott is on his way out...They wouldn't have gotten Freel in the trade if they weren't going to keep him, and they still need someone to be the backup at shortstop which I thought was the main purpose of getting Gomez.

I think it's a good move. This will cover us for at least a year if we don't use Mora's option next year, but will definitely be a head scratcher if another move isn't made.

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From yesterday's Sun:

"I think you're always looking, particularly when you have 100 [free agents] still out there. You'd be foolish to say we're done," MacPhail said. "But with that being said, there is nothing on the horizon that I think is imminent."


MacPhail apparently has a different definition of "imminent" than I do. :P

So now what? Is Scott about to be moved? Freel?

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Why? Gomez plays the infield positions and Freel plays all the OF positions.
I agree, we still need someone who can back up SS which Freel cannot do. Maybe it won't be Gomez, we did sign a slew of backup IF, but we definitely need someone on the bench who can handle a couple starts at SS.
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It would appear that way I suppose. If that is the plan though, can't say I'm thrilled with it.

If I remember correctly, Wigg hits pretty good at OPACY right? I have to look it up.

Why not? If Snyder fizzles out and is not ready by 2010, it's either Wiggington at 3B or bring Mora back. Heck, AM could still bring Mora back for another year anyway. That's flexibility, which is AM's plan.

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Well, guess Adam Dunn's off the radar once and for all now. ;)

Seriously though, good move. That gives us even more flexibility to either make a trade, or have a bench that can play any position and provide offense.

Assuming Wigginton isn't costing an arm and a big toe, I'm pretty pleased.

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Good move. Now they dont have to carry BOTH Freel and Gomez.

I tend to disagree, only because Gomez and still the only backup SS and Freel is the only backup OF in all 3 spots (Plus he is the only decent pinch runner on the bench). But, like I said I think this is the precursor to another move so, I'll reserve judgment until I see what else shakes out.

The one thing I think this move does indicate is a 4 man bench. :)

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Im very happy with this move. Gives us a guy who can actually play 1B and a replacement for Mora when he leaves.

I think Scott is going to get plenty of AB between LF and DH. Mora will get hurt at some point and Wigginton will go to 3B, Huff to 1B and Scott to DH.

Or Scott could be trade bait. Who know? Do the Cubs have something else we want? ;)

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