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Orioles sign Ty Wigginton to a 2 year deal


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Just thinking aloud while I type this, but is it REALLY that hard to get everybody consistent playing time? Lets see...

1b: Huff plays 4 days, Wiggy plays 2, Gomez plays 1

2b: Roberts gets majority of starts, Freel backup

ss: Izturis gets majority of starts, Gomez backup

3b: Mora 5 days, Wiggy 2, Gomez backup

C: Wieters 4-6 days, Zaun 1-3 days

LF: Pie 4 days, Scott 3 days, Freel backup

CF: Jones 6 days, Pie 1 day, Freel backup

RF: Kakes gets majority of starts, Freel backup

DH: Huff 2, Wiggy 2, Scott 3

Overall playing time in a 7 day week...

Huff: 6 days

Wiggy: 6 days

Roberts: 6-7 days

Izturis: 6-7 days

Mora: 5 days

Wieters: 5 days average

Zaun: 2 days average

Pie: 5 days

Jones: 6 days

Scott: 6 days

Kakes: 6-7 days

Gomez: 1-3 days

Freel: 1-3 days

So there you go...everybody gets PT on a regular basis, and everybody gets a regular day off each week. It can be done, and it would be very effective.

A few comments;

I think you are playing Wigginton too much. He has over a 900 OPS vs lefties and at home over the last three years. However he is terrible on the road vs righties. When the O's are on the road I see him on the bench most of the time.

Pie and Scott will probably see almost no at bats versus lefties. Freel is likely to play leftfield vs lefties. Huff will probably DH versus lefties.

I don't see Wigginton getting much time at DH. He is supposed to be a better defensive first baseman than Huff. That means that Wigginton should play mostly 1st when he plays or backup 3B. Huff plays almost everyday at DH or 1B.

If Roberts gets his days off versus lefties, they are the same days that Freel will be play leftfield instead of Pie. Therefore Gomez may be the primary backup for BRob.

Scott seems to be pushed into the DH role which I am not sure he will like. You have Scott getting time in LF. That could happen but this is probably Trembley's big challenge with the O's offense. If Scott does get most of his time at DH, I look for his production to drop.

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Brand new to the site even though I've been an O's fan all my life (grew up in Rockville). Anyway, I've never been a fan of Angelos and hated what he had been doing for the last 10 years. However, this offseason has been interesting and have been pleased with some of the moves being made to make the club younger and hopefully competitive in the next couple of years.

As far as the Wigginton signing, I like it. While he's not a kid, he's still not old. He easily has 3-4 more possibly productive years. Over the last few years, his numbers are pretty decent and if given the opportunity for more at bats, he could easily become a 30 homer 100 rbi guy bat.

I think the O's signed him to play regularly. I can't seem him just platooning against lefties. I would prefer to have him start over Mora but I don't see that happenning (unless Mora is released). The only way I see Wiggy playing often is if a spot opens up at dh or 1b so I got to think that Huff or Scott may be moved. Both have some trade value.

I hope one of those guys (possible package) for a reliable starter.

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    • Its worth mentioning those 2023 Braves also have the seasonal wRC+ record since integration, beating the peak Astros, Big Red Machine, Harvey's Wallbangers, whatever Jeter/Manny Yankees/Red Sox unit is your favorite, etc. The 2024 Orioles and Braves are on top of them all right now if you split seasons, but that's just like Luis Arraez hitting .450 25 games into the season.    I believe Sigbot expects Holliday, Mayo and Basallo to all be more than Westburg, so either Elias is going to get his biggest bust sometime in the next few years or there's a chance the run production will be pretty special. https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders/major-league?pos=all&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=y&type=8&month=0&ind=1&team=0%2Cts&startdate=&enddate=&season1=1947&season=2024&sortcol=18&sortdir=default&pagenum=1
    • This is probably correct, but I could see things getting ugly for them if they are complacent. They need to win at a 60% rate from here out to reach 90 wins this season. That could be tough.
    • I agree completely. It is a risk. But IMO the potential reward is worth the risk. You can’t make the shots that you are unwilling to take.
    • I mostly agree about players generally being able to deal better than us with the ups and downs, but I recall Hyde saying how hard those losing seasons were and he wasn’t sure how much more he could take. That aside, I am as addicted as Roy and a lot of us hear who love the game and the Birds in particular.
    • Not a ton of relievers in the Hall of Fame.   KRod at 437 saves has gotten 10.8% and 7.8% of the votes in his first two tries; Lee Smith at 478 saves got into the HOF only through selection by the Today’s Game Era Committee.   I’d say the odds are against Kimbrel being elected by the writers unless he ends up somewhere north of 500 saves, and even then he’d be no sure thing.    Pretty good shot that Kimbrel passes KRod this year and finishes the season 4th or 5th on the all time saves list, depending what Kenley Jensen (one ahead of him) does the rest of the year.      
    • No doubt. As I was about to settle into bed last night to wait for the Os game to start (west coast start time, after all) my wife came in and casually said "Os won, that's good" as she was putzing around the room. Not knowing it was a day game and it had been played hours ago my first reaction was "damnit, what?!" instead of "oh cool".   Addict.  
    • This is spot on. You make the offer if there is need and he projects as worth that amount within the context of what else you play to do financially. Does he fit into your total budget plan if he accepts? If he's still here in September, we will have a better feel for the situation.
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