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UNC UMD Thread


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MD is playing well but this is just unlike anything I've evers een before.

That first half was unreal. I've never seen a team shoot the ball so well. Eleven three point buckets in the first half is nuts....and it's not like we were just giving them wide open looks either. You can't do much about that.

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IF UNC isn't hitting that many threes, they are probably still winning, but it's a much closer game. For the most part, the defense for Maryland has been fine. I don't know what Gary will tell them at the half. I guess you just have to keep doing what you are doing and hope they can't stay that hot.

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I think the end-of-the-bench guy for Carolina could be blind-folded, turned the wrong way and being punched in the face as he's shooting, and he'd make it tonight.

It's pretty much over now. The Terps are starting to force things and lose turnovers.

Hell, I wasn't expecting much closer then this anyway.

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