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UNC UMD Thread


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MD is playing well but this is just unlike anything I've evers een before.

That first half was unreal. I've never seen a team shoot the ball so well. Eleven three point buckets in the first half is nuts....and it's not like we were just giving them wide open looks either. You can't do much about that.

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IF UNC isn't hitting that many threes, they are probably still winning, but it's a much closer game. For the most part, the defense for Maryland has been fine. I don't know what Gary will tell them at the half. I guess you just have to keep doing what you are doing and hope they can't stay that hot.

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I think the end-of-the-bench guy for Carolina could be blind-folded, turned the wrong way and being punched in the face as he's shooting, and he'd make it tonight.

It's pretty much over now. The Terps are starting to force things and lose turnovers.

Hell, I wasn't expecting much closer then this anyway.

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    • Sure, totally agree with you there. But they were definitely contributors to the thinktank there, and they assuredly have taken a lot from Luhnow and the rest of the gang there.  And we now have over half a decade of data from Baltimore. If we were back in the year 2020, I would say “not enough information, we don’t know yet what they’ll do or how they’ll operate separate from the rest of that group.” But it’s been a while now, and I just haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe they’ll trade one or more players that they have drafted and developed into an elite prospect. Have you? I’m not asking to be a jerk, I’m honestly curious if you’ve seen anything different that leads you to believe that is something they’d do.  If they have a major flaw as a group, I think it’s that they’re more than a little rigid. This last draft really hammered home the point that they know what they think is the best approach and they’re not going to diverge from that path, regardless of the circumstances (or the momentary needs of the organization). I think this makes them frustrating at times, but also very easy to predict.  The common thread in every major buy-side trade they’ve been a part of in 17 years is buying low on proven assets. The Cardinals grabbed Holliday in that weird period where the A’s had gotten him but ended up not wanting to keep him. The Astros picked up Carlos Gomez in the middle of an injury-plagued year where he’d taken a step back from his previous all-star status. They snagged Verlander at the August deadline when his fastball was down and his ERA was up. They stole Cole when he was coming off a down year and approaching FA. And the O’s nabbed Burnes in a similar posture. Skubal is the opposite of all those guys. He’s not quite as proven (or durable) as their typical trade target, and he’s at the absolute highest point of his value right now. I just don’t see them talking themselves into “buying high” on a guy, especially when the cost is so astronomical. If I was trying to make an educated guess about who fits their usual mold, someone like Sandy Alcantara in the offseason would make perfect sense. But right now…maybe Luis Castillo? His numbers are down across the board, he’s sliding down the rotation in Seattle (from ace to maybe #4 now?), but he’s also a proven commodity who is a pretty sure bet to give you almost 200 innings every year. Could they work a deal involving some MLB offensive pieces (in addition to prospect value of course) to pry Castillo loose? That would be a pretty Elias/Sig move.
    • I don’t get that at all. The fit makes no sense
    • There was an article recently that connected the Phillies to Mullins but I don't think it speculated on the return or if anyone else would be included.
    • You don't stop at picking up 2024 Kimbrel if you are all in. The Burnes move was great but he traded surplus for an expiring contract.  That's not an all in move.  That's more of a call than an all in.
    • You don't trade Ortiz & Hall for 1 year of Burnes if you're not all in.  I would be surprised if Elias didn't take a legit stab at this.
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