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This is not a post about the Orioles, but this post is about my dear friend, Bill Walton.

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3 minutes ago, Flash- bd said:

Sorry for your loss, Roy, Bill seemed like a great guy, indeed. I used to love watching him on NBA telecasts. Why did he move away from NBA broadcasting, do you know? 

he didnt want to travel far...he liked the Pac basketball games...ESPN wasnt particularly kind to him either...I know years after cutting him loose, they wanted him back at ESPN and actually traveled to his house and asked if they could come in...they made him a deal for Pac games...but he remembered how crappy they treated him.I WILL say this. I got him a start in TV on ESPN with my show, and he never ever forgot that.He was always grateful to me. Im just grateful I got to know him and know him well.

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Oh man this is terrible news. Always loved Walton on basketball telecasts. Not many dudes married the Dead and sports so well - those are streams that don’t cross that often. Really admired him.

A huge loss for the world, and @Roy Firestone clearly a huge loss personally for you. My deepest condolences. 

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I’ll always remember that Portland team that didn’t really have any stars besides Walton but played so great as a team and beat the Sixers for the NBA title.

I always enjoyed his commentary as a broadcaster.

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I interviewed Bill Walton, literally dozens of times. He was always earnest, candid, and humane with all of his answers to my questions.

But NO interview I ever did, represented Bill better than the clip you are about to see, if you haven't already.

I asked Bill about his dad, Ted Walton, who had passed in 2004.

When you watch his clip, you can see Bill's immense gratitude, his deep respect for his dad...and of course, a powerful love for him.

This clip shows you Bill's humanity, and love of life and I think it is the single MOST memorable and favourite interview moment I had in 45 years of interviewing.

Bill loved his dad, and I loved Bill with all my heart.

My God, what a loss.

Please watch this:


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Posted (edited)

Jay Bilas had some nice words about him today.

Walton would just start rambling during basketball games. It would be so hilarious while also thought provoking and well informed.

Always enjoyed his announcing even if he had a “west coast bias(PAC 10)”. 😁

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36 minutes ago, rudyrooster said:

Speaking as an old "hippy".  This planet would be a much better place to live if their were more Bill Waltons walking among us.

When I was in my mid teens, his hippie ethic appealed to me and I followed his early NBA career when he was allowed to turn loose and be himself. I admired his playing in college, but I had to pull hard against him in his senior year as NC State was my hometown team and David Thompson was my guy. We all know how the '74 tournament went. But Walton was an intimidating presence on the court and that semi-final was one I dreaded. He had an amazing run at UCLA and as Frobby mentioned, the '73 title game was off the charts as far as domination and excellence, and propelled him straight into legend.

I didn't follow college nor NBA much in the last few decades, so I missed him as a commentator or analyst. But I'd heard a lot about how colorful he was. 

Rest in peace, Bill. I'm so sorry for your loss, Roy. Thanks for sharing. 

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