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Your All Time Favorite O's Catcher


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I was going to make this a poll, but I didn't want to leave anyone out.

The O's have a real collection of catchers over the years, so many fan favorites. Which was yours?

Rick Dempsey as mine since I was to young to remember anyone sooner. I believe Len Sakata was an emergency catcher (and made an appearance there, if I remember correctly) and that alone makes him my second choice.

Go O's!


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Rick Dempsey has to be my favorite, for a variety of reasons:

1) grew up watching him

2) loved how he'd climb the screen giving it the old college try

3) the way he battled with Earl Weaver

4) 1983 World Series MVP

5) even his crappy pizzeria on Taylor Ave (I blame the cook, not the Dipper)

That said, I wish I could have watched Clint Courtney. Get the feeling Old Scapiron was a real battler

When the Orioles acquired Charles Johnson, I was bummed as a big Armando Benitez fan. Getting CJ was exciting for me, though. Still remember him absolutely crushing a moonshot against the Bowie Baysox the summer they played their home games on the UMCP campus at Byrd Stadium

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