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Royals aquire SS Yuniesky Betancourt from Mariners...

Let's go O's!

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For 2 minor league pitchers' date=' Not a bad return to Seattle, Danny Cortes was considered the top pitching prospect in the Royals organization. He is going to start off in AA, Both pitchers have impressive numbers. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/ (May have to scroll down the page for those who lack common sense:D)


The permanent link, to help out those who lack the ability to click on a blog post to get it ;)

Man, the Royals are digging themselves into holes with bad decisions...followed by digging deeper with even MORE bad decisions.

Joe Posnanski doesn't have a blog post up on this yet. I'm starting to get worried he may have snapped...

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That was a very good read. Thanks for the link. I hadn't realized that Betancourt was that awful.

I always remember him being touted for having such a great glove when he first broke out. Looks like he had one good season and quickly became one of the worst short stops in the league.

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That was a very good read. Thanks for the link. I hadn't realized that Betancourt was that awful.

Here is another good (but long) read from a Kansas City blogger:


I was a Royals fan for more than a decade and I am mystified by Kansas City's decision.

Danny Cortes, one of the minor league pitchers acquired by Seattle, has been on Baseball America's Top 100 prospect list for two years running (ranking 57th, ahead of Baltimore's Chris Tillman in 2008, but ranking 90th, well behind the O's Big 3 pitching prospects in 2009):



Cortes reportedly has makeup issues, but he still represents a handsome return for Yuniesky Betancourt.

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    • Higher than Tarik Skubal? The guy is a top 10 starter in baseball. 
    • The offense will be fine.  You can’t expect them to score 5 runs a game against the best pitching staffs.  The last 4 of 5 series we have faced the Braves 8th in ERA, the Phillies 1st in ERA, the Yankees 2nd in ERA, and the Guardians, 5th in ERA.  The Astros are 20th but Blanco is 3rd in ERA and Valdez is very good.  The other teams have good players as well so it comes down to getting a few timely hits and converting your chances.  We need someone to get that big hit which we haven’t gotten the last 3 games going 1-14.  
    • I got to ask Kevin Brown a question today. So I asked him which stadium has the best broadcast booth. He responded by saying that Camden Yards does, and that he was not saying that as a homer, but (and I am paraphrasing) that with size, dimension and placement as consideration, the one at Camden Yards is just the best.
    • Westburg has 8-9 errors too...
    • You could say the exact same thing about the last three games skewing the data that the offense a lot.  They had scored 4.6 runs a game against the Braves, Phillies, and Yankees going into the last game against New York.  That is with facing Fried, Suarez, Wheeler, Cortes, and Cole along with a very good to great bullpen from the Braves, Yanks, and Phillies.  The Phillies have the best ERa in the league at 3.09 and we scored 17 runs in 3 games which is almost 6 runs a game.  The Yankees Era is 3.21 and we scored 9 runs in two games then 17 the last game.  The Braves ERa is 3.59 and we scored 11 runs in 3 games.  So to say the offense has not been good for two weeks is just wrong.  They haven’t been good for the last 3 games.  They were decent vs the Braves, great against the Phillies, pretty good 1st two games vs Yanks.  Amazing the last Yankees game and 1st Astros game and then been horrible last 3.  
    • He’s made 7 at 3B in 37 games.  Not great.  Meanwhile you hope Holliday who’s made 10 errors in 38 games at 2B is up sometime this year.
    • Hays is not a plus LF.  Urias is not a plus 3B.   The biggest difference in defense is probably between Cowser and Kjerstad in LF.    You just talked about pitchers struggling and defense.  If that’s the case you don’t replace Cowser with Kjerstad in LF.
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