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5/22 - Baltimore @ Washington Game 2


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Baltimore Orioles

C Patterson LF

N Markakis RF

M Tejada 3B

L Scott 1B 0

T Wigginton 2B

M Wieters C

A Jones CF

C Izturis SS

B Bergesen P

Washington Nationals

N Morgan CF

C Guzman SS

R Zimmerman 3B

A Dunn 1B

J Willingham LF

I Rodriguez C

A Kennedy 2B

R Bernadina RF

C Stammen P

I had no idea todays game was at 4:05pm. thank God I left my TV on channel 66 so when I turned it on today, bam the game comes up. Let's go O's!!!!!

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Wonderful if that's the reason of the time changed. I remember the A's had that chance but did not and the game wasn't even televised by MASN. Of course we lost that game so whatever.

Bases loaded for Bergy with 2 outs and I-Rod up. both teams getting chances with 2 outs in the first inning. C'mon Bergy!!

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Wow, Nyjer Morgan is really speedy. He almost got an infield single on a grounder to Luke Scott but Scott barely beat him to the bag.

Bergy through 2 looks ok, not great yet. Getting ahead in counts so that's good. 2-0 Birds after 2.

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    • Because he strikes out a lot, mostly. Almost a third of his AAA ABs ended in a K. To his credit, he killed it in his other ABs haha. But I tend to think he's going to have trouble with top level stuff in the big leagues. Or that at least it will take him a long time to adjust.  Kjerstad had more ABs than Cowser, but fewer Ks and more home runs. I think he's going to be the better ML hitter, and it's not particularly close for me. 
    • Well, it does seem to confirm that Elias has reached out regarding the possibility of extensions, which was the question.
    • I think different teams can improve in different ways. Right now, the Orioles have more room to improve by adding elite talent. The depth on this team is among the best in MLB. There's a lack of major weak links. But there is not as much truly top talent as some teams have. Guys like Rutschman, Henderson, GRod, and the next round of prospects may grow more into that. But we aren't quite there yet. 
    • I am more willing to draw conclusions from a 162-game season than from a 3-game playoff series.  However, I suspect there isn’t a one-size fits all answer to the question.   It depends how good your best player/players are, and how bad your weakest links are.  
    • He's got plenty of power, that's clear, but in MLB I believe he may not be able to fully tap into that power as often as he has in the minors. Like Hays, who also hit 17 home runs in his final year between AA and AAA. I think Cowser's highest upside comp is Markakis with a little more power. But he doesn't have nearly the hit tool that Markakis had. He's going to strike out a ton. 
    • Just copied and pasted your post yo make it legible. ===== Let’s use the Orioles 2023 season as a general case study and compare with a study I learned about via well known journalist and author, Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History podcast. (Season 1,  Episode 6, “My Little Hundred Million”. ) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/revisionist-history/id1119389968?i=1000372836942 At minute 12:15 or so, Gladwell discusses whether it is a greater help to a sports team if the worst player on the roster is replaced with a better player or if the team brings in an even better player as its top star.  That is, does it help more to strengthen your strongest link or your weakest link? His conclusion is: It depends on the sport. In basketball one player can dominate the court in offense and defense. So improve your top player. In soccer, a tital team sport improve the weakest player. It set me thinking is baseball a strong link or weak link sport? It seems that in constructing the 2023 roster, Elias, whether intentionally or not, used the improve the weakest links strategy.  Gibson replaced Lyles McCann replaced Benboom Frazier replaced Odor.  Additional improvements occurred with adjusting playing time levels of players in the organization for both 22 and 23.  The result was a stellar 101 win season! The Orioles 2023 regular season experience suggests that baseball is a strengthen the weakest links sport.  But then the playoffs. The consensus seems to be we lacked the superstar who can carry the team.  It seems that baseball in the playoffs is more of a strong link sport.  So, to put it together, the 2023 Orioles season experience suggests that the regular season is improved with an improve the weak link strategy. While playoffs often need a superstar.  So, if this theory holds true, do the Orioles need to specifically add more proven All Star level players or do we simply depend upon the hope that one of these years we will have a good player get hot at just the right time?
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