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Our Orioles Shadow Draft/System: Brandon Crawfod (ss, San Francisco Giants)


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As some may remember, I do some writing over at Camden Depot and Jon and I have been running a Shadow Draft over the past three years. Entering the year, of the players we've selected (we make a pick for each O's pick) only Brian Matusz had made the Majors. The Orioles were on common ground, with Matusz the only player from the 2008, 2009, 2010 drafts to yet break through.

With Posey's injury in San Francisco, the Giants promoted a couple of players, including shortstop Brandon Crawford. Crawford was our 4th Round pick in the 2008 draft (Baltimore's actual pick was Kyle Hudson). He's essentially a great glove, meh bat. But we thought he was worth the risk after dropping some on draft day after a so-so junior season with UCLA.

I don't know if he'll ultimately be an average ML shortstop -- the bat just might not ever get there. But we are pretty excited about having our 4th Rounder get a call-up. We'll see how it goes!

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Conveniently posted after the kid hits a Grand Slam in his debut. :)

Can you provide your list with the corresponding O's list?

The Giants signing Tejada may have been the best thing for this kid's career.

I honestly didn't see that he did that! That's great for Brandon, but I wouldn't expect his bat to have much impact. If you can catch him on MLB.tv, he's a pleasure to watch in the field.

Here's the quick breakdown:

Shadow Pick, Real Drafting Org (Real O's Pick)


Matusz, BAL (Matusz)

Tim Melville, KAN (Hoes)

Roger Kieschnick, SFN (Avery)

Brandon Crawford, SFN (Hudson)

Brian Humphries, didn't sign went to Pepperdine (Miclat)


Zack Wheeler, SFN (Hobgood)

Todd Glaesman, TAM (Givens)

Chris Dominguez, SFN (Twonsend)

Dustin Dickerson, FLA (Henry)

Ian Krol, OAK (Tolliver)

Brody Colvin, PHI (Dalles)

Madison Younginer, BOS (Wirsch)

Kendal Volz, BOS (Harris - unsigned)

Ryan Berry, BAL (Berry)

Sam Dyson, unsigned - back to Sou. Car. (Cowan)


Karsten Whitson, unsigned - to Florida (Machado) -- We get a comp pick in our shadow draft this year

Josh Rutledge, COL (Klein)

Garin Cecchini, BOS (Mummey)

Tyler Holt, CLE (Narron)

Tony Thompson, OAK (Anderson - unsigned, back to Cal)

Robbie Aviles, CLE (Bywater)

Mario Hollands, PHI (Sawyer)

Jordan Cooper, CLE (Bridwell)

Matt Roberts, unsigned - to UNC (Schrader)

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