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Sun:Grimsley names 3 O's in banned drug case


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I'm guessing a lot of people are in shock right now hence the lack of posts...

Anyway Clemens is on this list but his agent claims he only takes "B-12" shots and would pass any drug test - sound familiar?

Gibbons, Roberts and Tejada all steroid users? I'm shocked but wouldn't be majorly surprised if its true.

Ugh! :mad:

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Another interesting point to consider:

Since June, he has complained to friends that federal agents credited him with statements and disclosures he didn't make.

"Jason is loyal to the death, a hard-headed guy who would not give up his friends," one of Grimsley's friends said Saturday. "The only names he discussed with those investigators were names ... [the investigators] suggested to him."

Grimsley was pressured by the Feds who already suspected that Gibbons, Roberts and Tejada etc. were users. How did they know? Palmeiro? Canseco?

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Grimsley doesn't have a ton of credibility, wake me up when someone fails a drug test. Can't say I am that surprised, if there were three players to suspect, those would be the three.
If Grimsley is lying on a federal affadavit, he is in deeper trouble than he already is. The penalty for each count of perjury could each mean an additional five years in jail. The federal court system does not take lying lightly.

Can the news get much worse for the Orioles?

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Can the news get much worse for the Orioles?

It could get much worse for the federal agent for "pressuring" names through suggestions... and possibly leading Grimsley to perjury.

Like MurphDogg said.. I call shenanigans until someone fails a drug test. The public may boo Bonds about it, but he's a slimeball anyway.

Players I don't believe are Pettitte and Roberts.

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